HiNative Vs Busuu: Which Is Better For A Beginner?

Learning a language has never been that easy, but it is not also that hard. As language learners who want to learn a new language, we tend to surf and browse for various online language resources like different language learning apps, enroll in different language courses and have language tutors.


HiNative Vs Busuu

Today, we will talk about the two amazing apps for learning your desired language. We are going to objectively discuss the two language learning apps namely HiNative and Busuu.

Reading this blog will help you identify which one is the best language learning apps that suit the styles and requirements of a language learner. Let’s get started!


HiNative: A Quick Review


HiNative is one of the popular language-learning apps in the world with a million users. The app was released in 2014 that was created by a Tokyo-based company named Lang-8.

This online platform revolves around an individual as a native speaker. So the role of this application is to have pressing language questions (from language learners to native speakers) to help and correct the app user. In that case, different language learners and users of the app exchanged answers and questions related to their native language, like the Q&A application.

Can HiNative Helps You Become A Native Speaker?

Just like what I said a while ago, HiNative has not only native English speakers but also simplified Chinese, Korean, and German native speakers. They are the ones who help language learners by answering questions in an instant. In addition, this application provides audio lessons who want to learn native languages.

However, even if HiNative is a gamified language app, it does not have interactive lessons or interactive games like the other apps have (Ling AppDrops, or Lingualift). Also, this application cannot give you structured lessons of learning a language like language skills, new words, or vocabulary words. In short, you can use this app if you have to clarify particular features of the language with native speakers in a hassle freeway.

On the other hand, HiNative does not offer many languages around the world. The common native language and native speakers available on the app are German, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean.

How To Use HiNative

HiNative can be downloaded and used on your smartphone, but you can also have gain access to their website if you are using your pc or laptop. The gamified feature of the app is in the form of a pointing system. The users must provide more answers to the other users’ questions to earn additional quality points (if chosen as a featured answer) and quick points (when answered a new language question right away). The points that a user earned can be used to level up. Other users can identify the language level as a native speaker of the user.

In addition, the app asks users (language learners) to feel free if they have any queries related to a particular language of a country. All in all, HiNative is a great app for a user’s target language.

Other Features Of HiNative

Since this language learning app is a Q&A type in learning languages, it provides pre-determined question templates. Also, a search feature allows a language learner to check whether the question has been already asked to prevent a repetition of topics within the community.

Is HiNative A Free App?

HiNative is a free app but it only has a limited feature for specific skills.

HiNative App Premium Version

The premium version of HiNative is $5.68/month. The premium version has features like recording, listening to a voice or video. This is a great feature that will help a language learner in his/her language learning journey.


Busuu: A Quick Review


Just like HiNative, Busuu is also an amazing language learning app and also one of the most popular apps out there.

Learning a language in Busuu also has AI speech recognition technology, grammar notes (interactive lessons), interactive captions, vocabulary words, native language speakers support, speed repetition exercises, and other language learning activities. This app is one of the best language learning apps and it is also ad-free.

Can Bussu Helps You Become A Native Speaker?

Since Busuu has two versions, the free one, and the premium version, the free one can never help you to become a fluent or native speaker. Because the free version only provides simple flashcards that cannot help you to learn a language quickly. It is just a fun way to learn.

But having a premium subscription may help you to learn grammar, conversation skills, new vocabulary words, and vocabulary training. This may help you to be a native speaker of your target language.

How To Use Busuu

Language learning app like Busuu is great for beginners. With its beautiful interface, it can surely provide users with different essential phrases, listening exercises, and different languages from a different foreign country. Although some exercises are repeated, it is a great help for language learners as a beginner. This will help them to master and practice reading a specific language.

In short, Busuu is also a gamified learning app wherein you can learn a language quickly in a fun way using flashcards.

Other Features Of Busuu

Busuu only offers 12 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, and Polish), so it is their biggest disadvantage on other language learning apps.

Aside from flashcards that are featured in the free version, some of the features of this app will be discussed when we move on to the paid version.

Is Busuu A Free App?

Just like what I said a while ago, there are two versions. The free one and the premium version. Yes, Busuu is a free app.

Busuu App Premium Version

There are different Premium Subscription Plans in Busuu. I also want to remind you that Busuu is NOT a language exchange app, meaning the user will have to decide from the beginning which language he/she want to learn. For instance, if you choose Busuu Premium Plus plan, they will offer and teach languages up to 12 languages!

Below are the two paid versions/premium subscriptions that you can choose for your target language:

Busuu Premium price is €5,83 per month.

  • One language only.
  • Offline Mode – learning without an Internet connection
  • A lot of grammar
  • Speech recognition software
  • Learning with AI system.

Busuu Premium Plus price is €6,66 per month.

  • You can learn all 12 languages available.
  • Large community and support of native speakers.
  • McGraw Hill official tests
  • personalized Study Plan provided by AI learning software.


HiNative Vs Busuu: Final Review

hinative vs busuu

Choosing the best app between HiNative and Busuu, on the whole, depends on the demands of the user. If a particular language learner is a beginner and wants to learn the language quickly, Busuu is far way better. The user will also learn popular languages and multiple languages. In addition, it also offers speech recognition technology. Also, Busuu offers more foreign languages than HiNative.

 However, HiNative is also a very helpful language learning app, especially for language learners who want to be native speakers but with a limited language offered.

By reviewing these two apps, all being well that you recognized the difference of the said language learning apps. If you want to know more reviews in other language learning apps, you can check Busuu vs. Mosalingua and HiNative Review for more information.


Alternative Language Learning App: Ling App

Having the said learning application above is a great idea, but having Ling App is on another level.

Ling app by Simya Solutions is a user-friendly learning app that is the best alternative to learning your target language. Unlike another learning app, the Ling app provides fresh content from blog posts, interactive exercises, and quizzes that are completely free. In addition, you can learn a foreign language because it offers 60 languages.

So what are you waiting for? Learn with Ling App now!

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