35+ Easy Georgian Cooking Terms: A Basic Guide

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 10:18 am

We all know that Georgian food is intensely underrated worldwide, especially compared to other European countries. If you want to impress the locals and compliment them on their cooking techniques, learning the basic Georgian cooking terms will undoubtedly help you out. Keep reading below to discover the best set of words today!


Georgian Food Guide: A Quick Look

Georgian Cooking Terms

Throughout history, Georgia has attracted the curiosity of many tourists, particularly those from the Caucasus Mountain region. Persians, Greek Mongols, Arabs, and Romans conquered this country, which has resulted in the country’s amazing range of delectable dishes.

Georgian cuisine is unique and varies between parts of the country. Western Georgian dishes may be attributed to Turkish cuisine, while Iranian influences dominate East-Central Georgian cuisine. For instance, Georgian-style cornbread is prevalent in the region in the west, but meat meals made from beef, pork, beef, or lamb are mostly found in the eastern region.


Common Georgian Foods

The following are some of the most well-known Georgian cuisines in the world:

Georgian Wine

Georgian wines are typically prepared from a mixture of two or more grapes. Georgian wines come in sweet, semi-sweet, semi-dry, dry, fortified, and sparkling varieties. The most popular are the semi-sweet versions.

Georgian Snickers

Georgian snickers are commonly made of nuts like hazelnuts or walnuts strung together as one and soaked in a creamy, syrupy sauce made from flour and fruit extracts like grape juice. 

Georgian Desserts

Churchkhela, Gozinaki, and Pelamushi are some well-known Georgian desserts.

Georgian Soup

Sashi and Katatsuri are some of the Georgian soups usually served in every Georgian family.

Spicy Beef Stew

Ostri Chashushuli is Georgia’s most renowned Spicy beef stew, found in any Georgian restaurant in the country.

Georgian Bread

One of the most known Georgian bread is the Georgian Flatbread or the Georgian cheese bread called Kachapuri. Kachapuri is also known as the Traditional Georgian bread in the country.

Roasted Chicken

In Georgian cuisine, the roasted chicken comes in various flavors depending on the stuffing and sauce used. The majority of Georgians use chili pepper and other spices to their preference.

Vegetarian Dishes

Lobio, Pkhali, and Juicy Khinkali, or Georgian dumplings, are the most popular vegetable dishes on every Georgian table in the country. The majority of Georgian dumplings resemble Chinese soup dumplings.


Georgian Cooking Terms

Georgian Cooking Terms

Below are some of the basic terminologies that tourists should learn to speak confidently about topics related to Georgian food and cooking techniques.

Georgian WordPronunciationEnglish Word
ქართული ვერსიაkartuli versiaGeorgian version
გრილზეgrilzeto grill
ადუღებაadughebato boil
ადუღებამდეadughebamdeto boil down
შეწვასshets’vasto braise
მოხარშეთ ხორციmokharshet khortsito boil the meat
დაჭრაdach’rato chop
ქურთუკიkurtuk’ito coat
მოამზადოსmoamzadosto cook
ჭრაch’rato cut
ჩაძირვაchadzirvato dip
დაითხოვოსdaitkhovosto dissolve
გასაფილტრადgasapilt’radto filter
შეწვასshets’vasto fry
მინანქარიminankarito glaze
გრილზეgrilzeto grill
დაფქვაdapkvato grind
მოზელვაmozelvato knead
დასამარინადებლადdasamarinadebladto marinate
დნებაdnebato melt
გახეხვაgakhekhvato mince
შეურიოთ ერთმანეთსsheuriot ertmanetsto mix
გაფცქვნაgaptskvnato peel
ჩაჭედოსchach’edosto pinch
დაასხითdaaskhitto pour
შემწვარიshemts’varito roast
შესაწვავადshesats’vavadto sauté
სკუპაციაsk’up’atsiato scoop
გაცრილიgatsrilito sift
ადუღებამდეadughebamdeto simmer
დაჭრაdach’rato slice
აჭრელდესach’reldesto snip
ორთქლზეortklzeto steam
ჩაშუშოსchashushosto stew
ჩაყრაchaq’rato stuff
შეფუთვაsheputvato wrap


Common Ingredients In Georgian Recipes

Georgian cooking terms
Georgian IngredientsPronunciationEnglish Translation
ᲮაჭოᲮach’ocottage cheese
ქართული იოგურტიkartuli iogurt’iGeorgian yogurt
crusty bread ქერქიანი პურიkerkiani p’urikerkiani p’uri
ყველის პურიq’velis p’uricheesy bread
შავი “პილპილიshavi “p’ilp’iliblack pepper
ჩილის წიწაკაchilis ts’its’ak’achili pepper
მოხარშული კვერცხებიmokharshuli k’vertskhebiboiled eggs
თეთრი ღვინოtetri ghvinowhite wine
ქართული პურიkartuli p’uriGeorgian bread
ქართული ყველიkartuli q’veliGeorgian cheese
ქართული ღვინოkartuli ghvinoGeorgian wine
სიმინდის ფქვილიsimindis pkvilicorn flour
ალუბლის ქლიავის პიურეalublis kliavis p’iurecherry plum puree
დაჭრილი ახალი ქინძიdach’rili akhali kindzichopped fresh coriander
თირკმლის ლობიოtirk’mlis lobiokidney beans
კარტოფილის პიურეk’art’opilis p’iuremashed potatoes
ყურძნის წვენიq’urdznis ts’venigrape juice
შემწვარი კარტოფილიshemts’vari k’art’opiliroasted potatoes
ხორცის კერძებიkhortsis k’erdzebimeat dishes
დაფქული ხორციdapkuli khortsiminced meat
ცხვრის ხორციtskhvris khortsilamb meat
მოხარშული ხორციmokharshuli khortsiboiled meat
ცხვრის ჩაშუშულიtskhvris chashushulilamb stew
ველური ქლიავიveluri kliaviwild plums
კაკლის სოუსიk’ak’lis sousiwalnut sauce
არაჟანიarazhanisour cream
მწვანე პომიდორიmts’vane p’omidorigreen tomatoes
გულიანი წვნიანიguliani ts’vnianihearty soup
დაფქული ხორცი dapkuli khortsiground meat
ბროწეულის მარცვლებიbrots’eulis martsvlebipomegranate seeds
წითელი წიწაკაts’iteli ts’its’ak’ared peppers
კვერცხის გულიk’vertskhis guliegg yolk
ახალი მწვანილიakhali mts’vanilifresh herbs
ნივრის სოუსიnivris sousigarlic sauce
სუპი პელმენიsup’i p’elmenisoup dumplings
მჟავე ქლიავის სოუსიmzhave kliavis sousisour plum sauce


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Georgian cooking terms

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