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Frequently asked questions about learning Romanian

What Is The Fastest Way To Learn Romanian?

There is no “fastest way” to learn Romanian or any other language. But, learning Romanian language will definitely be easier and more enjoyable if you are passionate about the language.


Here are some tips to make learning Romanian go faster:


  1. Find Out Your Learning Style: Everybody can learn a new language, but the methods will be different. For example, an aural learner (audio) will find studying a Romanian textbook boring, while a visual learner won’t do well with listening to a Romanian podcast. Therefore, it’s important to discover your learning style and find learning resources accordingly.
  2. Compile The Best Learning Resources: The next thing you want to do to fasten your learning process is to get the best learning materials together. Find an online/in-person class, textbooks, videos, or language learning apps that suit your learning style and schedule. With the Ling app, you can learn to speak Romanian with over 200+ lessons from beginner to advanced levels!
  3. Create A Realistic Schedule: Don’t just start learning Romanian out of the blue with no plan in mind. Think about your schedule, how many hours you can set aside to study per day, and what your language goals are. Next, create a realistic schedule that best aligns with those factors.
  4. Practice Speaking: It’s normal for most language learners to be afraid to practice speaking. But, there’s no reason for that! If you’re not a native speaker of that language, no one expects you to sound perfect. So, try your best and never give up!
  5. View Everything As A Learning Opportunity: Draw inspiration and try to learn from everyday things. For instance, if you’re taking a walk then try to name the things you see in Romanian.
Is Romanian An Easy Language To Learn?

Determining whether a language is easy to learn really depends on the individual learner’s linguistic background and motivation level, as well as the overall language structure.


According to the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Romanian is classified as a category I language, alongside Spanish, Danish, and French. This means that it will take the average learner around 600-750 hours to reach proficiency in Romanian.


Here are some things to keep in mind about Romanian:


  • Uses the Latin alphabet system
  • Grammatical rules are straight forward and similar to English
  • All the words are pronounced exactly as they are written
How Long Does It Take To Learn Romanian?

Becoming proficient in Romanian is estimated to take around 600-750 study hours. The reason for the 150 hour range is because each learner picks up new languages differently and has different motivation levels. However, in general, Romanian is not a difficult language to learn.


Make learning Romanian easier by:


  • Having a good, thorough study plan
  • Finding an accountability partner that can help keep you on track
  • Practicing daily
  • Using good learning resources and tools like the Ling app
  • Enjoying the learning process
Is Romanian Worth Learning?

In short, yes! All languages, including Romanian, are worth learning.


Here are some important reasons why it’s worth it to learn Romanian:


  1. There are over 30 million Romanian speakers around the world: Romanian is a popular language, so it can open up more opportunities for you in Romania and other parts of the world.
  2. You can experience the rich Romanian culture: Romania has such a rich culture that the majority of people don’t get to experience it due to the language barrier. Once you learn Romanian, you’ll be able to understand Romanian culture better and experience the culture more deeply.
  3. Open you up to other Romance languages: In case you didn’t know, Romanian is a romance language. So, learning the language will help you when learning other romance languages, like French and Spanish.


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