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Lao Health Vocabulary: 19 Great Examples

January 21, 2022
Knowing Lao health vocabulary is vital. It could be the difference between life and death! Today we're going to give...

Lao Music Vocabulary: 9 Awesome Examples

January 14, 2022
If you want a solid place to start with new vocabulary in your target language, you can't go wrong with...

15+ Easy Names Of Clothes In Lao

January 12, 2022
Are you wondering what a sinh or a salong is? Knowing the labels or names of clothes in Lao can...

10+ Easy Job Titles In Lao

December 27, 2021
Do you want to take your Lao to the next level? Then keep reading because today, the Ling app presents...

Animal Names In Lao: 27 Popular Examples

December 23, 2021
With a moniker like the land of a million elephants, it is no surprise that the elephant is one of...

13 Lao Sports Vocabulary: An Essential List

December 16, 2021
Wondering what topic can help you gain the love of the locals? Then now is the time for you to...

Lao Calendar: 21 Big Events To Watch Out For

December 11, 2021
The Lao calendar is jampacked with events. There's everything from Pathet Lao day on January 6th to Boun Pi Mai...

10 Room Names In Lao: Perfect Your Vocab Today!

December 5, 2021
It's essential that you know your way around the house, which is why we've compiled this list of room names...

Colors In Lao: 14 Examples To Boost Your Vocab

November 26, 2021
You need to know the Colors in Lao if you're going to m1ake progress with the language. Let's start with...
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Lao Blog

Lao Blog


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