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Lao Blog

20+ Best Lao Funny Phrases To Make Your Day

September 29, 2022
If you have already booked your tickets for Laos, you must have learned some basic words and Lao phrases like Hong...

7+ Fascinating Ways To Say How Are You In Lao

September 20, 2022
Are you looking for new ways to say "how are you" in Lao? If yes, then this blog is just...

Learn 5+ Best Flavors In Lao

September 14, 2022
Have you ever tried the famous Lao cuisine like sticky rice, fish sauce, spicy green papaya salad, and shrimp paste...

40+ Most Common Lao Names And Nicknames: A Comprehensive Guide

September 6, 2022
There is a clear difference between Lao names and nicknames. Lao people have both a serious and playful side, and...

#1 Easy Guide On Food Ingredients In Lao

August 31, 2022
Have you ever tried sticky rice, fish sauce, and other Lao food? If yes, you must know that Lao cuisine...

Best Guide On Cooking Utensils In Lao: 30+ Words

August 29, 2022
Have you ever tried Lao cuisine? The taste of the sticky rice with fresh vegetables, fish sauce, and spicy salads...

No Lao On Babbel? Try These 2 Best Apps Today

August 26, 2022
Maybe you have been thinking of learning Lao for some time. And one morning you just woke up saying ''Alright...

Giving Directions In Lao: 30+ Useful Phrases

August 11, 2022
As you might know by now, Laos is not an easily traversable country. The first thing you have to contend...

How To Say Beautiful in Lao: 9 Stunning Ways

August 6, 2022
Some adjectives simply belong with some nouns, and this is no truer than the words beautiful and Lao. Laos is...
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Lao Blog

Lao Blog


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