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Albanian Blog

The Albanian Calendar: 35 Important Dates (2022)

May 21, 2022
This is a key one today. Knowing times and dates are an important part of orienting yourself in Albanian society,...

Albanian Culture: A Useful 21st Century Guide

May 20, 2022
There are countless guides out there on Albanian culture. When researching this article, we found some that were 10000+ words...

Best Apps For Learning Albanian: 3 Exciting Examples

May 18, 2022
Are you desperate to know what the best apps for learning Albanian are? Look no further. We might be a...

25+ Useful Words And Phrases In Albanian

May 15, 2022
As the old saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day. That is why we're looking at basic words and...

40+ Most Popular Albanian Names And Nicknames

May 12, 2022
Learning Albanian names and nicknames is a great way to discover more about the culture. Names are subject to historical...

Relationship Vocabulary In Albanian: 14 Captivating Terms

May 10, 2022
You're probably reading this either because you're in a romantic relationship with an Albanian person or you're hoping to be....

No Albanian On Rosetta Stone: 3 Great Substitutes

May 5, 2022
Did you know that there's no Albanian on Rosetta Stone? However, you probably already know this if you're a close...

Color Names In Albanian: 18 Vibrant Examples

May 4, 2022
Today we're covering one of the fundamentals of the language- Color Names In Albanian. This is what kids are taught...

Job Titles In Albanian: 17 Useful Examples

April 28, 2022
Are you thinking of working in Albania? Well, this Job titles in Albanian list is perfect for you. Albania has...
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Albanian Blog

Albanian Blog


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