70+ Easy Shopping Vocabulary In Georgian

shopping vocabulary in georgian

Picture this: you’re in Georgia, planning to shop till you drop, but uh-oh, the language barrier strikes! Fear not, savvy traveler! Knowing the shopping vocabulary in Georgian is like having a golden ticket to retail paradise. Don’t let those bustling markets and vibrant shops intimidate you – armed with local vocab, you’ll breeze through like a pro. Nabbing the best deals in that store? Check. Nailing that haggling game? Double check. And oh, understanding product descriptions? Triple check!

Shopping Vocabulary In Georgian

Basic Shopping Phrases

Whether you’re a globe-trotting adventurer or a culture enthusiast, embracing basic shopping phrases in Georgian adds a dash of excitement to your journey. Navigate bazaars like a pro, conquer boutiques with finesse, and conquer supermarkets with confidence. Who knew that these few phrases could open doors to unforgettable interactions and a deeper appreciation of Georgia’s heritage?

English Georgian Pronunciation
Hello გამარჯობა gamarjoba
How much is this? რას კითხულობ? ras kitkhulo?
I want to buy this მე მინდა შეიძინო me minda sheizino
Where is the cashier? სალარო სადაა? salaro sadai?
Do you have a discount? გაქვთ ფასდაკლება? gakvt pasdakleba?
Can I pay with card? შემიძლია ბარათით გადავიხდი? shemidlia baratit gada-vikdi?
What are the opening hours? რამდენი სამუშაო საათი აქ? ramdeni samushao saat’i ak?
Can I try this on? შემიძლია სცალო? shemidlia tsatsalo?

Clothing And Accessories

From flaunting your taste to tapping into the wisdom of fashion wizards, knowing the lingo for clothes, shoes, and bling gives you the superhero power of choice. And guess what? Your language prowess also spins a web of connections with crafty locals!

English Georgian Pronunciation
T-shirt თი-შირტი ti-shirti
Dress კაბა kaba
Jeans ჯინსი jinsi
Shoes ფეხსაცმელი p’ek’satsmeli
Hat შაბათი shabati
Watch საათი saati
Necklace შემხედვა shemkhedva
Sunglasses სავსებათა მსგავსი savsebata msgavsi

At The Grocery Store

Learning these words is like having a secret ingredient for a foodie adventure. Whether you’re exploring lively markets or modern marts, knowing your food words lets you glide through aisles and choose like a pro. From picking the plumpest produce to nabbing pantry must-haves, your vocab skills turn meals into culinary masterpieces.

English Georgian Pronunciation
Bread პური puri
Milk რძე rdze
Eggs კვერცხი kverkhi
Rice ხილი khili
Vegetables ვაშლები vashlebi
Fruit ხილი khili
Cheese ყველაფრე qvelapre
Water წყალი tsqali

Making Transactions

When you master the art of chatting up prices, payments, and quantities, you’re not just snagging stuff – you’re weaving connections. From playful haggling to nailing currency counts with a wink, you’re turning shopping into a friendly game.

English Georgian Pronunciation
Cash ქეში keshi
Credit Card კრედიტული ბარათი kredituli barati
Debit Card დებიტური ბარათი debituruli barati
Payment გადახდა gadaxda
Receipt მიღების მეტყველება mighibis metqveleba
Discount ფასდაკლება pasdakleba
Total ჯამი jam
Change ხელფასი khelphasi
Tourist souvenir Georgian market.

Asking For Help

Want advice on products? You’re covered! Suddenly, shopping isn’t just efficient – it’s a blast. Plus, these words aren’t just tools; they’re connection builders. Chat up with local shopkeepers, swap tips with fellow shoppers, and show your love for the culture. It’s more than shopping; it’s a cultural adventure woven into every interaction.

English Georgian Pronunciation
Excuse me შემეკითხავთ shemekitkhvaat
Can you help me? შეგიძლია დახმარება? shegizhilia dakhamreba?
Where is…? სად არის…? sad aris…?
I’m looking for… მივიდე ძიებისთვის… mivide dziebistvis…
What is this? რა არის ეს? ra aris es?
Do you have…? გაქვთ…? gakvt…?
Can I try this on? შემიძლია ეს შევიდე? shemizhlia es shevide?
I need assistance. საჭიროა დახმარება. sachiroa dakhamreba.

Sizes And Colors

Mastering sizes and colors unlock the door to a perfect fit and your dream look! Not only will you avoid fashion fiascos, but you’ll also become a local shopping legend. By sharing your size and color preferences, you’re showing off your style expertise and giving props to crafty creators.

English Georgian Pronunciation
Small პატარა patara
Medium საშინაო sashinao
Large დიდი didi
XLarge ძალიან დიდი dzalian didi
Red წითელი tsiteli
Blue ლურჯი lurji
Green მწვანე mtsvane
Yellow ყვითელი qviteli

Technology And Gadgets

Knowing these terms is like having a futuristic compass for shopping. Whether you’re after mind-blowing gadgets or slick add-ons, this knowledge takes your tech game to the next level. Get ready to shop smart and connect with Georgia’s tech vibe!

English Georgian Pronunciation
Smartphone სმარტფონი smartphoni
Laptop ლეპტოპი lepto’pi
Tablet ტაბლეტი tableti
Camera კამერა kamera
Headphones ყურსასმენები qursasamnebi
Smartwatch სმარტსაათი smart’saati
Charger ჩარჯილი charjuli
Bluetooth ბლუთუზი blutuzi

Gift Shopping

Having these terms at your fingertips makes it possible for you to move around the aisles with purpose and style, whether you’re looking for distinctive handicrafts, conventional souvenirs, or personalized things!

English Georgian Pronunciation
Gift საჩუქარი sachukari
Present საჩუქრება sachukreba
Wrapping paper ფოლიები foliebi
Ribbon ღია კანი ghia kani
Greeting card გასახედი ბარათი gasakhedi barati
Gift shop საჩუქრები მაღაზია sachukrebi magazia
Gift certificate საჩუქრის ბარათი sachukris barati
Unwrapping გაფირთხილება gapirtxileba
Georgian sweets in Tbilisi, Georgia

Shopping Etiquette

  1. Greetings & Politeness: Georgians love politeness! Say “Gamarjoba” (Hello) to shopkeepers. After shopping, a “madloba” (thank you) works wonders.
  2. Negotiation Adventure: Bargain hunters, listen up! Bargain at open-air markets or smaller shops. Stay cool and kind while haggling.
  3. Handle with Care: Treat items gently. If it’s a no-go, put it back neatly. Respectful shopping is the key!
  4. Pay Your Way: Plastic or paper? Most shops take cards but stash some cash for rural spots. Markets and small shops adore cash.
  5. Culture Crush: Respect traditions! Georgia’s vibes are strong. When snagging souvenirs or crafts, embrace the local flavor.

Phrases to use for shopping etiquette:

  1. Please: გთხოვ (gtxovo)
  2. Thank you: მადლობა (madloba)
  3. You’re welcome: რჩევაზე (rch’evaze)
Georgian man who sells fruits and local desserts of churchkhela

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