Busuu Vs Mosalingua Comparison: 2 Best Apps?

You decided to learn a new language, and you are considering which is the best available option for you? Perhaps you are checking tons of mobile apps and you still can’t decide which one is the best for you. In today’s post, we will give you an unbiased Busuu VS Mosalingua comparison to help you identify which one is best for your needs and are great for your requirements. If you are up for that, then keep reading below!


Not all apps have the same purposes. Some of them are maybe for more advanced learners and some of them are for complete beginners. They could also be quite different in their language teaching styles. Today, we decided that it is time for you to get the truths about these two popular language learning apps as we do not want you to feel stuck and wonder whether it is worth your money and time at all.

How Good Is MosaLingua Language App For Your Target Language?

Busuu Vs Mosalingua Comparison: 2 Best Apps?

So, let’s find out something you probably didn’t know when it comes to the Mosalingua language learning app. They like to represent themselves like their app is your own ‘pocket language teacher’. They are just trying to say that you can download your app and learn everywhere you want, anytime you want. And that’s okay, but honestly nothing new…

But another good thing about Mosalingua is that all their language courses are made by native language speakers, but you’ll get nothing more than just flashcards. But, it is definitely a really good flashcard language learning software, and you’ll get your own flashcards, designed according to your specific skills and needs.

And just for the record, we are talking about their mobile app here. Each language course has its own mobile app, and there is also a Mosalingua for the web, which is a bit different. With this version, you’ll get more features and learning resources, like audio lessons, books, video lessons, music, language learning secrets, and a lot more. This sounds like Rosetta Stone a little bit, don’t you think?

Like I said they have their team of native speakers so whatever language you decided to learn, you’ll get their full support and motivation. It’s like you are having your own language partner who can gap your knowledge with efficient language skills, cool cultural insights, speaking practice, and a lot more.

They will also provide you with practical knowledge, so no boring lessons around here. This app teaches languages in everyday life situations, so you’ll get some conversation skills. So you’ll fill in the gap quite a bit. If this app doesn’t meet your expectations, then check out our Ling App and get your own structured lessons today!

Can You Get Fluent With Mosalingua’s Free Version?

Okay, so first thing there is no such a thing as a free version when it comes to Mosalingua. There is a 15-day free trial so by that time you can check all the features this app is providing and decide is it, or is it not for you. The good thing is you get the premium version available 15 days for free, and that is something I need to mention because it’s not like that with every app.

Some platforms or apps provide you with some terrible free versions and if you decide to use that one, you’ll probably get disappointed, and they are actually making you start with the paid subscription right away. Now let’s get back to our topic. Can you become fluent with Mosalingua free version? Like I said there is no free version, and with the 15-day free trial you can definitely not become fluent.

Mosalingua Monthly Subscription Plans

So as we said, Mosalingua is a premium app and we are going to check its monthly subscription plans and what are you going to get for that amount of money. This app focuses on course materials providing you with some of the best listening exercises, new vocabulary words, literal translations, interactive exercises, and all through very awesome flashcards.

It has a common European framework, and it’s ad-free with just a basic subscription plan. Now let’s check those paid subscriptions and apps more deeply and you have to read them really carefully:

  1. Mosalingua Premium(Web & mobile app) – yearly subscription plan with the price of 59.90$ which comes down to 4.99$ per month. This is probably the best option according to money and value comparison.
  2. Mosalingua Listening – This is the app made for complete beginners providing you listening exercises and a voice translator! The price for this app is 9.98$ per month with only a couple of languages available, and we will check them in our next topic!
  3. MosaSpeak – There are two variations of this app and the price range is very high! The first variation provides you full courses for 5 languages. The price is 99$ dollars. The second one is for the English language only and for a little bit more advanced learners. The price for this one is 147$ for the Masterclass PLUS package and 199$ for the Masterclass COACHING package. We’ll get more deeply into this in our next subject.
  4. MosaTraining – The most advance and the most expensive compared to other apps. It’s available for all languages(foreign languages this app is currently supporting) and the price is next:
  • PREMIUM package: $130.00
  • PREMIUM+MOSAWEB package: $180.00
  • DELUXE+MOSAWEB package: $330.00

Available Languages On Mosalingua

Mosalingua Premium(Web & mobile app):

  1. Spanish language, 
  2. French, 
  3. Italian, 
  4. Brazilian (Portuguese), 
  5. German, 
  6. Russian, 
  7. Mandarin Chinese, 
  8. English (for complete beginners and non-English speakers), 
  9. Business English, 
  10. Business Spanish, 
  11. TOEIC English, 
  12. TOEFL English, 
  13. Medical English

MosaSeries(This one is beginner-friendly):

  1. Spanish, 
  2. Italian, 
  3. German, 
  4. French 
  5. English


  1. Spanish, 
  2. French, 
  3. Italian and 
  4. German


  1. English (A2-C1)

MosaTraining(All languages)- This is the one with the astronomically high price.

Hope you didn’t get lost with this pretty complicated tour through Mosalingua apps. There is a lot to consider here and we are going to get it through deeper in our next topic. Check it out!

True Facts About Mosalingua For Foreign Language Learners

I’ve been going through a lot of language learning apps for a while now and I have noticed a couple of things. By now, I think Mosalingua is the most expensive language learning software for now.The price goes from 4.99$ to 330$. That’s a huge difference, and the biggest thing is, you don’t have a clue which one should you choose because there are so many of them.

You would probably need so much time considering this app and going through every feature by that time you could check 10 other apps. Okay, maybe not that much but you get the point. It must a great app, I mean it is based out on cognitive science, and course materials are provided by the most advanced native speakers and certified tutors. It is the best option for those ones who wish to get more advanced in English or for Spanish speakers who wish to get even further with their knowledge.

Also if you are preparing yourself for some English certificate this could be a great option because different levels and courses are providing you some medical or business material. But is it good for other languages? I don’t know actually, I think you might be able to find so much better options with lower subscription prices, and maybe some better free material. I mean free…

How could it possibly be free if you have paid something already, I don’t know. I think a more accurate term for it would be, ‘material included in the price. I know it’s not everything about the price, but they can’t be that much better than some cheaper language learning apps and software.

Can You Become A Native Speaker With Busuu?

Busuu Vs Mosalingua Comparison: 2 Best Apps?

We’ve talked about the Busuu app a lot and definitely for a good reason. It’s an amazing language learning app and probably one of the most popular apps out there. The learning experience is amazing and it’s provided with a beautiful interface.

It has two versions, the free one, and the premium version. The best thing is that the free version is completely free and for like, forever, but can it make you fluent? There is so much difference between these two variations, and you can never become fluent with the free one because you won’t get more than just simple flashcards.

You won’t get too far with flashcards and you won’t become a native speaker, but it’s good for just fun, or even checking the app and its functionality. As I said, there is so much difference between these two and you might not be able to check all the possibilities you are getting with the premium version.

There’s so much more, like AI speech recognition technology, grammar interactive exercises, vocabulary words, native language speakers support, speed repetition exercises, interactive captions and so much more. The Premium version is also quite affordable and you can learn a language without any internet connection at all. Just download the lectures you want to learn on the go. You can study at your own pace, anytime you want. You get everything at such a low cost that you won’t need any third-party software for supporting your language learning.

Oh and I almost forgot, it’s ad-free… This app definitely belongs to the group of best language learning apps and like for real!

Which Language Courses Are On Busuu Language Learning App?

This is going to be a pretty short topic. There are only a few language courses available on Busuu. And I think it’s their biggest disadvantage. Such a great app, with so much going only, but there are only 12 languages. I think this is something they have to work on in the future, because for example, if you decide to subscribe yourself to this app, and you don’t find the language of your choice, you are surely going to check some alternative right?

Of course, you will, and you should! I mean, you are not supposed to learn some language you don’t want to. We are going to check some alternatives later on, but now let’s stick with this topic. Also, I have to mention that they have more languages than Mosalingua we compared earlier, although Mosalingua has more variations of English and Spanish. Now let’s check that language list already:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish

Is Busuu A Free App?

As I said, there is a paid version, and there is the free one, so yes Busuu is a free app. You won’t get fluent enough but it’s enough for someone who is trying to get some fun, or maybe trying to find the perfect language for him/her.

It’s all about flashcards and you’ll have to watch a lot of ads, which is okay because it’s a good compensation for being free. I always recommend checking the free version first and getting on the paid version once you have tried it out. That’s how you’ll be able to explore the app before making a decision of subscribing to yourself at all.

Busuu App Premium Subscription Plans

We are going to get through their Premium Subscription Plans and what do you get for that amount of money. Trust me, they are worthful and not expensive at all. Although you must know that Busuu is not a language exchange app which means you’ll have to decide yourself from the same beginning which language you want to learn. But it actually is not the whole truth.

If you decide to take the Busuu Premium Plus plan you can learn up to 12 languages! Which means all of them, and that’s amazing.

So there are only two monthly subscription plans(thank God!) and you get almost the same features. Check them out.

  1. Busuu Premium price is €5,83 per month.
  • 1 language only.
  • Offline Mode – learning without an Internet connection
  • A lot of grammar
  • Speech recognition software
  • Learning with AI system.

Compared to the next one, the first plan is nothing special. You’ll get a lot more if you pay only 0,83 cents per month more. Check it out.

2. Busuu Premium Plus price is €6,66 per month.

  • You can learn all 12 languages available.
  • Large community and support of native speakers.
  • McGraw Hill official tests
  • personalized Study Plan provided by AI learning software.

Is Busuu App Good For If You Are A Complete Beginner?

Yes, it is! And honestly, I find it more perfect than the first option, we’ve spoken about earlier. Busuu is good for beginners and it has a good approach to them. It’s fun, with a beautiful interface, and it can surely provide you with some decent knowledge. But now there comes the time when you become more advanced, and when you get tired of their almost the same exercises you get each day. And it’s good for grammar, which is also very important for beginners.

4 Best Alternatives

Since we’ve talked about Busuu and Mosalingua, and if you read this article as you should, then you probably saw that both of these apps support the Chinese language. But, let us be honest… It’s a quiet disaster.

Chinese language courses on both of these apps are not good, and if you want to learn this language or any other Asian language then you should check for some alternatives.

That’s what is the next topic about. You are going to find out some of the best language learning apps alternatives for learning some Asian languages.

Let’s check them out!

Best Language Exchanges App: Ling App

Why do I say best language exchange app? It’s because there is over 50+ language on our Ling App and you can learn all of them. I know it sounds a lot, and there is probably no such person that could learn this amount of stuff, but there are some great chances you will find your target language.

Especially if you are searching for some Asian languages like ChineseKoreanJapaneseTagalogThaiMalaysian, and others. There is definitely no app with this amount of choice and with this type of lesson. By that I mean, you won’t get flashcards only, you’ll get much more.

You can also download it and all devices Windows/Mac/IOS/Android and you’ll get the same experience with exactly the same price everywhere. So that’s why our app is at the top of this list and feel free to check it right now!

Asian Languages On Memrise

So Memrise, another great app, with extraordinary features, and will definitely provide you with an amazing learning experience. The list of Asian languages provided by this language learning app is pretty short, but we must admit that the courses that this software provides are amazing.

So the list of languages goes like this:

  • Korean,
  • Chinese,
  • Japanese

Just for the record once again, we are talking only about Asian languages. So why is it even on our list with only 3 of these kinda languages available? The short answer is because their courses are awesome. Comparing Memrise vs Busuu Chinese lectures, it’s like comparing Gold and Silver, of course, the Gold is better and in this case, it definitely goes to Memrise.

Duolingo For Asian Languages

Duolingo is quite a popular language-learning platform but, honestly, I don’t find it that good. It’s quite well for beginners and someone who wants to play around with languages. Can Duolingo make you fluent? I don’t think so… But that’s just me, I don’t wanna judge anyone trying to become a native speaker with this platform, but I find there are much better language learning apps than this one.

The best thing about Duolingo is that you will find a lot of languages you probably never heard of. For everyone who wants to speak some alternative language, which is not that popular, Duolingo is the best choice.

Also when we talk about Asian languages, and by that I mean the popular ones, you will be able to find Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. And, I think that’s pretty much it, so could look with it. Courses are great for those ones who like that kinda course, but I think there is a lack of good material.

Pimsleur App Quick Review

This option is not that popular, and most of you probably never heard of this app. I think it deserves much more attention than it gets, so you should probably check it out. Pimsleur is a pretty interesting language learning app, and it provides a lot of language courses out there. The list is pretty similar compared to ours, so that’s why you can consider Pimsleur as an option. Not because it’s good like Ling App, but because you’ll probably be able to find some of the languages you won’t find anywhere else.

Wrapping Up

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to learn about the major differences between Busuu and Mosalingua. If you enjoyed this post and figured you would love to learn more, it would be wise if you can check out our other reviews for some of the top applications today here. In addition, we highly recommend that you download the Ling App and discover a new way to learn your target language for free!

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