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Cantonese Numbers: How To Be Excellent In Counting From 0 To 1,000?

July 14, 2021
Have you heard the saying, "You have to be odd to be number one"? This is just proof that numbers...

5 Groups Of Important Cantonese Vocabulary For Family

July 12, 2021
What does a typical family in Cantonese culture look like? Hong Kongers are family-oriented. Most of the families in this...

Easy Ways To Tell Date And Time In Cantonese And 45 Other Terms

June 30, 2021
Date and time are part of our daily life. When you're happy, you will wish the date 日期 (jat6 kei4) and...

Learning 11 Important Cantonese Rooms In The House

June 23, 2021
Have you been in a room 房 (fong2) of a typical Hong Konger's house 房子 (fong4 zi2)? Widening your vocabulary...

10 Basic Words And Phrases In Cantonese To Expand Your Horizons

June 15, 2021
They say that what you focus, grows. So, if you want to speak Cantonese like a pro, start learning the...

Top 10 Useful Cantonese Vocabulary About Transportation

June 8, 2021
In Hong Kong, you can experience clean, efficient, fast, and on-time transportation (交通 gaau1 tung1). To enjoy traveling, learn some...

Naming Colors In Cantonese: 17 Basic Colors That Is Important To Learn

June 5, 2021
They say that colors are the smile of nature. Learning about naming colors in Cantonese (顏色 / ngaan4 sik1) will...

Apologize In Cantonese: 12 Powerful Ways

May 26, 2021
Presuming Hong Kongers have the same behavioral customs are those in China can cause misunderstanding and will lead you to...

6 Easy Ways To Say Beautiful In Cantonese

May 17, 2021
They say that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." (各花入各眼 gok3 faa1 jap6 gok3 ngaan5). There are different...
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Cantonese Blog

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