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Frequently asked questions about learning Burmese

How Long Does It Take To Learn Burmese?

This all depends on your native language, motivation level, and studying pattern. According to the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Burmese is classified as a category IV language, which means that it will take the average learner approximately 1100 hours to reach proficiency!


At two hours a day, that equates to 1.5 years! Here are some tips to make your Burmese learning journey faster:


  • Have the right mindset: Learning a new language will be much easier if you actually enjoy the language! So, believe in yourself and find out why you’re passionate about learning Burmese.
  • Create a practical study plan: Finding a study plan that works for you and sticking to that will help you learn Burmese faster. One of the best study partners is language learning apps, especially the Ling app! With over 200 Burmese lessons, you can learn everything you’ve always wanted to know in Burmese.
  • Practice speaking: If you want to be fluent in a language, you’re going to have to dedicate lots of time to speak. Whether you want to practice your speaking skills with friends or locals at the market, just ensure that you’re practicing somewhere!
Is Burmese A Useful Language?

Being the official language of Myanmar and spoken by 43 million people worldwide, Burmese is definitely a useful language to know!


Learning Burmese is also a great way to learn about the culture and history of Myanmar and connect with locals. For example, did you know that Burmese was the fourth language to develop a writing system? Imagine knowing how to write, speak, and read Burmese fluently. Well, now it’s no longer impossible with the Ling app!


Ling is a language learning app that provides over 200 comprehensive lessons per language, covering reading, speaking, writing, and listening.

Is Burmese Hard To Learn?

Burmese is classified as a category IV language, according to the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), which means that it will take the average learner 1100 hours to reach proficiency.


But, with the following tips, learning Burmese can be easier:


  • Grammar: Burmese uses the subject-object-verb (SOV) word order. The language is also gender-influenced and has extensive case systems to distinguish between different forms of politeness, tenses, and more.
  • Vocabulary: Burmese language is primarily monosyllabic, however, it has some polysyllabic words that are borrowed from other Indo-European languages like English, Mon, Hindi, and Chinese.
  • Speaking/Listening: Burmese is a tonal language which means different stresses on a particular word can communicate different meanings.
  • Writing/Reading: The Burmese alphabet consists of 12 vowels and 33 consonants written from left to right. Vowel tones are indicated by diacritics.
How Do I Start Learning Burmese?

Learning a new language isn’t easy. But, you can make the process easier by breaking it up into steps. See below for more information!


  • Find a good language learning resource: Nowadays there are so many ways to learn a language. But, the best option, by far, is the Ling app. With over 200 Burmese lessons, you can learn relevant vocabulary, phrases, grammar rules, sentence structures, and more. Not to mention, the app is so fun that you’ll forget you’re even learning!
  • Set achievable goals: Make sure to define your goals from the very beginning, and come back to them frequently. You can set daily, weekly, and monthly goals to help you keep track of your process and improve your skills.
  • Learn every day: It’s much easier to understand a concept when it’s relatable. You can learn Burmese faster by connecting Burmese words with a particular object. For example, placing sticky notes on common, everyday objects with both its name in your native language and Burmese. Also, try to think in Burmese as much as you can!
  • Practice with native speakers: Another great way to learn Burmese is by practicing with native Burmese speakers. You will not only develop better pronunciation, but you will probably learn some local lingo as well. Also, try to find an accountability partner to help you stay on track with your learning.


Learning Burmese will become so much easier if you use the Ling app! With an AI chatbot to converse with, various vocabulary games, short quizzes, and more, you can develop your writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills in no time!