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Bosnian Blog

Happy New Year In Bosnian: 20+ Best Phrases

May 26, 2022
Are you curious to know how to say Happy new year in Bosnian? Saying "Happy new year" in Bosnian "Sretna...

100+ Amazing Names In Bosnian For Boys And Girls

May 20, 2022
Need help selecting ideal names in Bosnian for your child? Let's find out the right Bosnian baby names that are...

Wish Happy Birthday In Bosnian: 30+ Best Ways

May 10, 2022
"Sretan Rođendan" is the Bosnian translation of the special phrase "Happy Birthday!" By saying Happy Birthday in Bosnian, you can...

20+ Important Bosnian Words About Transportation

April 29, 2022
Words like "Bus," "Autobus," "Travel," "Putovanje," and other Bosnian words about transportation will make your traveling easy in Bosnia. When...

20+ Bosnian Love Words And Phrases For Romance

April 27, 2022
Do you want to show more love and respect using Bosnian love words and phrases? Learn romance words like "Darling,"...

Greetings In Bosnian: 20+ Easy Vocab And Phrases

April 25, 2022
Do you know that Bosnians greet each other with the gesture of "How are you?" "Kako si?" Knowing a few...

20+ Easy And Basic Bosnian Phrases For Newbies

April 18, 2022
Why should I learn Bosnian as a second language? Learning basic Bosnian phrases allows you to converse and communicate in...

Learn 25+ Basic Words In Bosnian: An Easy Guide

April 16, 2022
Are you planning a trip to Bosnia and want to see all the tourist attractions? You will need a few...

No Bosnian On Duolingo? Try 3 Fantastic Alternatives

October 26, 2021
Unfortunately, there is no Bosnian on Duolingo. But don't fear! Today we're going to show you some alternatives and some...

Bosnian Blog

Bosnian Blog


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