20+ Fashionable Clothes In Georgia: An Easy List

Are you planning a trip to Ushguli, Lake Ritsa, and Batumi? Below is a collection of fashionable clothes in Georgia that you will need when visiting churches, national parks, hiking, and other outdoor activities. If you want to see the country soon or migrate there, you can utilize this comprehensive list of translations in the Georgian language. Let’s get started!

Georgian Clothes: An Overview

When it comes to Georgian fashion, the locals are very much open to various styles. Perhaps, this is one of the countries where everyone is free to express themselves with whatever clothing style they want. When it comes to dressing appropriately for visits to other sections of the city, though, there are a number of factors to consider. Here are some suggestions about what to wear and how to dress when visiting various places in Georgia:

  1. Dress like a localwhen in the big cities. This means that you should not wear clothes to get special attention to the locals especially when walking around a big city. It is also a sign of respect to other religion in the country (Orthodox Christianity) and reverence to the culture and social norms in the country. This clothing inspiration came from Europe.
  2. In small towns, dress conservatively. This is also the societal norm in other parts of the country.
  3. In rural places, wear darker, more neutral hues. As a guest, this implies you must fit in with the residents or masses. Navy blue, brown, dark green, and other colors are examples.
  4. When visiting churches and monasteries, avoid wearing shorts. Both men and women are subjected to this behavior. Some monasteries, on the other hand, supply ‘apron’ skirts to foreigners and visitors.
  5. When visiting a mosque or an Orthodox church, women should wear skirts and scarves.

Famous Georgian Fashion Designers

Famous Georgian Fashion Designers

Did you know that Tbilisi, Georgia, is known as the fashion center of Eastern Europe? That’s why I will show you some of the most well-known Georgian fashion designers and mention their most notable creations. Let’s have a look at it quickly.

Lako Bukia

Lali Bukia, sometimes known as Lako Bukia (ლაკო ბუკია), is a Georgian fashion designer noted for her “mushroom” and “oasis” collections. She was born on October 4, 1987. Her creations are a reflection of women’s individuality and natural beauty.


Anouki Areshidze ((ანუკი)) or ANOUKI is a Georgian fashion designer who was born in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. She is recognized for combining feminine clothing with floating sleeves and gowns, as well as oversized fashion. Dreamy, florals, and silhouette proportion are all elements in her works.

George Keburia

George Keburia is a self-taught Georgian fashion designer who was born in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi in 1990. He is well-known for his slender eyewear. His creations include surrealism and bizarre themes that depict hyper-femininity, sexuality, and futurism.

Gola Damian

Gola Damian is a young fashion designer from Georgia. He is well-liked by younger generations for his designs that break gender stereotypes. Classical shapes and bright forms appear in his creations.

Basic Terms For Clothes In Georgia

Georgian Clothes Pronunciation English Word
ტანსაცმელი t’ansatsmeli clothes
მაისურები maisurebi t shirts
გრძელი კაბა grdzeli k’aba long dress
ფეხსაცმელი pekhsatsmeli shoes
კაბები k’abebi dresses
შარვალი sharvali pants
საცვლები satsvlebi underwear
ჯინსი jinsi jeans
უმკლავო umk’lavo sleeveless
სპორტული ტანსაცმელი sp’ort’uli t’ansatsmeli sportswear
ქურთუკები kurtuk’ebi coats
გამაშები gamashebi leggings
ქურთუკი kurtuk’i jacket
ფეხსაცმელი pekhsatsmeli boots
გადასაფარებლები gadasapareblebi covers
კალთები k’altebi skirts
საგაზაფხულო ჩაცმულობა sagazapkhulo chatsmuloba spring attire
ზამთრის ჩაცმულობა zamtris chatsmuloba winter attire
სალაშქრო ჩაცმულობა salashkro chatsmuloba hiking attire
საზაფხულო ჩაცმულობა sazapkhulo chatsmuloba summer attire
მართლმადიდებლური ეკლესიების ტანსაცმელი martlmadidebluri ek’lesiebis t’ansatsmeli Orthodox churches clothes
სამუშაო ტანსაცმელი samushao t’ansatsmeli working clothes
ქამარი kamari belt
ჰალსტუხი halst’ukhi tie
შორტები short’ebi shorts

Other Useful Words

Other Georgian Clothes And Accessories
Georgian Clothes And Accessories Pronunciation English Word
ცხვირსახოცი tskhvirsakhotsi handkerchief
შარვალი sharvali shawl
შარფი sharpi scarf
ხელთათმანები kheltatmanebi gloves
ჩუსტები chust’ebi slippers
ბეჭედი bech’edi ring
სათვალე satvale glasses
უყურებს uq’urebs watch
სამაჯური samajuri bracelet
ყელსაბამი q’elsabami necklace
საყურეები saq’ureebi earrings
ქუდი kudi hat
წინდები ts’indebi socks
ზურგჩანთა zurgchanta backpack
ხელჩანთები khelchantebi handbags
ზურგჩანთა zurgchanta baggage
ბარგი bargi luggage
სამკაულები samk’aulebi jewelry
პატარა ჩანთა p’at’ara chanta smaller bag
დღის ჩანთა dghis chanta day bag

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