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Frequently asked questions about learning Telugu

Why Is It Important To Learn Telugu?

With our world becoming increasingly more globalized, it’s becoming more essential to be bilingual or multilingual. With 75 million Telugu-speaking people and the Telugu language ranking as the 15th-most spoken language in the world, it is a great option when it comes to language learning!


The number of Telugu-speaking people is only growing, so much so that some states in the US are even offering Telugu language classes. If you want to know more about the culture and heritage of South India, then you must learn Telugu.


Want to know how to learn Telugu? You can use the Ling app! With over 200 Telugu lessons, you can become fluent in reading, writing, listening, and speaking Telugu in no time!

Is Telugu A Hard Language To Learn?

Telugu is a relatively easy language to learn, mainly because it’s a phonetic language. It’s also one of the most ancient languages, dating back to 575 CE, yet has no connection with Sanskrit.


Here are some additional facts about the Telugu language:


  • Grammar: Telugu has three genders: masculine, feminine, and neutral. The sentence structure in Telugu follows the subject-verb-object (SVO) pattern.
  • Vocabulary: Telugu is a Dravidian language, but it’s not derived from Sanskrit or Tamil. Instead, Telugu is most related to Kannada.
  • Speaking/listening: Telugu is said to be elegant like Sanskrit, sweet like Tamil, and have an essence like Kannada. It has three main dialects, including Telangana, Kostha Andra, and Rayalaseema.
  • Reading/writing: The Telugu script comes from the Brahmic family of scripts. The alphabet is also syllabic with numerous vowels. As a phonetic language, some even say that Telugu is easier to read than English!
How Many Days Will It Take To Learn Telugu?

Telugu is not a difficult language. In fact, experts say that, with the proper dedication, you should be able to speak basic Telugu in as little as 2 months!


To make learning Telugu easier, you can look into taking traditional Telugu classes or, if you don’t have the time and budget for that, use language learning apps! The Ling app is a great learning resource for Telugu. With Ling, you can learn over 1,000 new Telugu vocabulary and phrases along with grammar rules and more.


As a beginner Telugu learner, focus on the following to get your language learning journey started:


  • Basic Telugu nouns
  • Telugu verbs used in everyday life
  • Pronunciation and sentence patterns
Is Telugu Difficult To Write?

If you are only familiar with Latin script, then writing in Telugu might be more challenging than, for example, a native Hindi speaker. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!


Telugu originates from the Brahmic family of scripts and is also used for writing Sanskrit texts.


The only way to learn how to write in Telugu is to practice! Once you’ve practiced enough, you’ll have developed muscle memory and will be able to write effortlessly.


The Telugu alphabet is called the varnamala. This alphabet contains 34 conjunct consonants and 14 vowel diacritics. Want to know how you can practice writing Telugu? Use the Ling app! With Ling’s cutting-edge technology, you can even trace the letters on the screen with your finger to solidify your knowledge of the Telugu alphabet!