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Frequently asked questions about learning Mongolian

Is Mongolian A Easy Language To Learn?

Since easy is a relative term, the answer to this will vary from person to person. But, some factors that can affect how easy it is to pick up the Mongolian language are the learner’s native language, how much time they dedicate to studying Mongolian, and what materials they’re using to learn Mongolian. Allow us to elaborate.


In terms of native languages, a native Turkish speaker might find it easier to learn Mongolian than, for example, a native English speaker. This is because Turkish and Mongolian have more linguistic similarities than Mongolian and English.


Of course, if you dedicate more time to studying the Mongolian language then it will become easier to learn for you than, for example, someone who only studies one hour per week.


Also, don’t underestimate how important quality learning materials are. If you want to learn Mongolian, but don’t have the budget or time to spend on a traditional class, you can use the Ling app! With over 200 Mongolian lessons, you’ll become fluent in Mongolian in no time!

How Do I Learn The Mongolian Alphabet?

Mongolian uses the Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet, which has a total of 26 letters–17 consonants, 7 vowels, and 2 diphthongs. If you want to learn the Mongolian alphabet, then you need to practice, but, lucky for you, we have three very important tips to make the learning process easier!


  • Different areas in Mongolia, as well as neighboring countries, use different writing systems. For instance, in China and inner Mongolia, traditional Mongolian is used. Meanwhile, in outer Mongolia and Russia, the Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet is used.
  • Traditional Mongolian script is from c. 1204 and is written in vertical lines (top-down).
  • Unlike its neighboring language, Mongolian isn’t a tonal language


Once you learn the Mongolian alphabet, you’ll be one step closer to fluency! No matter what your goal is for the Mongolia language, Ling can help you achieve it! With bite-sized, interactive lessons and games for reading, speaking, listening, and writing, you can master all four language skills in one go!

How Long Does It Take To Learn Mongolian Language?

Mongolian is classified as a category III language, according to the Foreign Service Institute, which means that it will take the average learner 1100 hours to reach proficiency. To put that number into perspective, if you studied for 2 hours every day, it would take you 1.5 years.


Don’t worry, we have five tips to help make learning the Mongolian language easier and, as a result, faster!


  • Set up a conducive learning environment: Learning Mongolian will be much easier if you have a dedicated study area free from distractions. If you don’t already have one, it shouldn’t take long to set up.
  • Be open to making mistakes: Learning Mongolian, or any other language, is going to have its challenges. After all, we can’t get fluent overnight. It takes time, patience, and hard work. So, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. In fact, your language skills will be better because of it.
  • Find a language partner: There are so many ways to meet people nowadays, so try to find a language partner to practice with. It would be even better if you could practice with a native Mongolian speaker. Of course, if you’re already in Mongolia, then you won’t have this problem and you can practice with anyone!
  • Use an effective language resource: Never underestimate the power of a good learning resource. If you want an easy, fun way to learn Mongolian language, then be sure to try the Ling app. You can talk to the app’s very own AI chatbot to practice real-life conversations!
Is Learning Mongolian Language Hard?

This all depends on the individual language learner. To some, like those already familiar with Russian, Mongolian might be easy. For others, like native English speakers, Mongolian might be more difficult to learn.


Apart from the native language, attitude is also a big factor when it comes to how hard a language is to pick up. When you’re more open to learning, the easier it will be to retain the information. So, if you want to make learning Mongolian fun, use the Ling app. With Ling, you can learn Mongolian language through bite-sized lessons, interactive games, and more!