The Easy Path
To Hard Languages

Languages beyond the mainstream and taught by few. Languages that are intrinsically difficult to learn. Ling makes learning them easy.

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Why Ling?

Simplified Lessons

Finish lessons in 10 minutes that touch on all four language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Effective Learning Approach

Remember words and phrases through precise gamification techniques.

Overlooked Languages

From non-Latin languages to languages on the brink of extinction, we dare take the less-traveled linguistic roads.

Team Who Cares

Behind the scenes is a team of global citizens passionate about sharing their love of languages and cultures.

The Easy Path Philosophy

2 minutes to...

Learn new words and how to use them in a sentence.

3 minutes to...

Review vocabulary from current and past lessons with a variety of reinforced gamification techniques.

5 minutes to...

Listen and learn from natives through a conversation taken from a real-life context between 2 people.

And more...

Explore grammar-specific lessons, review features, and culture notes.

Kudos From Our Learners

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