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Tamil Blog

Say Happy New Year In Tamil: The 100+ Best Ways

June 8, 2022
Do you want to say "Happy New Year" "புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்" "Puttāṇṭu vāḻttukkaḷ" in Tamil? Knowing how to say Happy New...

100+ Popular Names In Tamil For Boys And Girls

May 20, 2022
Are you curious about the meanings of the best baby names in Tamil? One of the most important tasks parents...

Happy Birthday In Tamil: 10+ Best Ways To Say

May 13, 2022
Do you know that Birthdays are the perfect time to show your love for your friends and family? Saying "Piṟantanāḷ...

35+ Basic Tamil Words About Transportation

May 10, 2022
The most common means of transportation are "Bus," "பேருந்து," "Pēruntu," and "Train" "தொடர்வண்டி" "Toṭarvaṇṭi." Knowing Tamil words about transportation helps...

Greetings In Tamil: 50+ Best Words And Phrases

April 29, 2022
Knowing greetings in Tamil is important. Want to know why? Learning basic greetings like "Hello!" "வணக்கம்" "Vaṇakkam" opens the door...

20+ Beautiful Tamil Love Words And Phrases

April 27, 2022
Want to explore the emotion of Love through a foreign language? By knowing Tamil love words and phrases like "sweetheart,"...

Basic Tamil Phrases: 20+ Most Useful Sentences

April 20, 2022
Are you aware that Tamil has the oldest literature among all the Dravidian languages? Learning basic Tamil phrases will help...

Basic Words In Tamil: 20+ Most Useful Vocabulary

April 15, 2022
Do you know that Tamil is the world's eighteenth most spoken language? Knowing the basic words in Tamil opens the...

No Tamil On Rosetta Stone? #1 Best Resource!

March 24, 2022
You're probably here because you're wondering why there's no Tamil on Rosetta Stone? Well, the answer is multi-faceted, but it...

Tamil Blog

Tamil Blog


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