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Writing journals, poems, and devotions were my hobbies when I was a child. I enjoyed sharing and expressing my experiences and knowledge through writing. I developed and improved my skills when I studied and graduated as an English teacher in the Philippines. Thankfully, Simya Solutions helped me to develop my hobbies and explore more about writing. Through them, they helped broaden my horizons, not only on continuing my hobbies but also to appreciate the different languages and cultures of Georgian and Korean Languages. Furthermore, Simya Solutions helped me in achieving my dream to become a content writer.
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Tagalog shapes - A photo of a woman holding a square object.
10 Common Tagalog Shapes: An Easy List

The Tagalog words for shape are hugis (in singular form) and mga hugis (plural form). Most of the shapes in Tagalog words are coined and adopted from the Spanish

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15+ Best Common Korean Names

Korean names are made up of first and last names, and in the case of first names, even if they have the same pronunciation, they