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Seanel Cabantog
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Seanel is an accomplished writer specializing in Tagalog and currently studies at the University of the Philippines. Her passion for writing brought her curiosity to explore the wonders of language and culture, contribute articles in the world of journalism, and has won numerous writing competitions over the years. Working with Ling gave her the pen to create compelling content and assist language learners towards their linguistic journey. Beyond being a wordsmith, Seanel works as a tutor and is enchanted by the scent of reading books, especially with tanned pages.
Tagalog vocabulary
#1 Best Guide To Tagalog Vocabulary

Picture yourself standing in the heart of Manila, chatting away and blending in with Filipinos without peeping at your flipbook about the Tagalog vocabulary. Isn’t

17 Easy Tamil Words For Pregnancy
17 Easy Tamil Words For Pregnancy

Discovering Tamil words for pregnancy can be an exciting and invaluable experience. From “கர்ப்பம்” (karppam) signifying pregnancy itself, to “மாமிசம்” (maamisam) for cravings, and “குழந்தை”

Tamil Gifts For Birthdays
8 Best Tamil Gifts For Birthdays

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