Drops Review: Best App For Learning 43 Languages?

Language learning is an exciting endeavor in the sense that there is no one-way route by which you can learn – we are unique and we definitely learn in diverse ways. In this Drops review, we’ll go through the features of this language learning app, as well as our unbiased assessment on whether it can properly educate beginners in their chosen target language or not. After all, who wants to spend time, energy, and waste hard-earned money on a language app that just doesn’t live up to the hype and expectations, right? If that floats your boat, let’s drill right into it.

If there is one thing that today’s ultra-competitive world is teaching us, then that would be the importance of consistent upskilling. To get ahead of the curve, all of us should be mindful of the in-demand skills since they can significantly help us occupy a niche in the corporate world and will aid us in developing a competitive edge. One of the top skills that you should consider is learning some of the most competitive languages.

Contrary to common belief, mastering a foreign language will not just allow you to land positions related to translation and writing. In fact, recent reports are saying that even the military looks at this skill at a premium level. With this being said, getting yourself exposed to different languages will not hurt you and can even boost your chances of future-proofing your credentials.

Luckily, there are several languages you can learn even without subscribing to any of the expensive content providers. With the dawn of technology, a simple search on Google will give language learners a chance to use tons of absolutely free and useful learning applications geared for their levels. So whether you are on a total beginner, expert, or intermediate level, there’s got to be other resources out there that will fit your needs! One example of that is the 2015-released language learning app known as Drops.

Let’s get to know more about the Drops language learning app below.


Drops Review: What Is This Language Learning App About?

Drops Review: What Is This Language Learning App About?

The Drops language app is an absolutely beautiful learning platform that has been originally created by Daniel Farkas and Mark Szulyovszky with the goal of providing people with high-quality lessons in multiple languages. Given that it is quickly getting some traction due to its very immersive visual learning style and game-based design, the language app has been acquired by Kahoot (an award-winning Norwegian company) 2020. It has been long branded as one of the fastest-growing language learning apps with over 25 million users as of 2020.

The Drops app is interesting because it has a very lively layout, as seen from its colorful and minimalist look. Since Drops focuses mainly on teaching vocabulary, its overall design looks simple, and each card contains one icon-based design, an audio file, the vocab word, and the English translation. Due to this, it looks less intimidating, which means this is an ideal resource for total beginners who are mainly looking to enhance the number of words they know in their target language.

Unlike applications like the Ling app and Duolingo, it will not teach you grammatical concepts. So, this means that you might need to use additional language resources. Instead, Drops is all about vocab words under different categories, which you might find useful in real life. Some of the categories include words and short phrases related to numbers, colors, traveling, eating, and the weather. Perhaps the company also knows that this is a bit limiting on their part, which prompted them to create the Scripts app. The Scripts app is meant to be used with Drops as it will teach about the writing system only.

We personally have tried both apps, but we firmly believe that having two different apps instead of just using one is a bit discouraging. In addition, the Drops app is running a freemium model, which is a bit disappointing. Instead of allowing the learners to use the app as much as they can, free users can only use it for 5 minutes per 10 hours for just seven days!

If you are someone who is interested in challenges, Drops also comes with language learning activities like quizzes where users will start identifying learned words based on pictures and audio files. The Drops style makes sense and is truly designed to ensure that there is knowledge reinforcement. If you have learned more than 50 words, you will unlock the Review Dojo from the Drops app, where you can practice individual words through their special spaced-repetition algorithm.

Target Language Selection

Drops Review: What Is This Language Learning App About?

The Drops app have always been one of the best applications when it comes to learning about the translation of words in other languages. It is straightforward and will not provide you with an unnecessary explanation if not needed. With this being said, it is perfect for learning new words, enhancing your reading skills, and mastering the spelling of vocabulary words. But I know what you are thinking right now… how many words or languages can the Drops app teach me?

Compared to Drops Vs Anki, Drops currently have 43 languages under their belt, which means that they are truly competitive. Perhaps this is also one of the biggest reasons why the Google Play store has recognized them time and time again. Some of the top language courses in their app include Mexican Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Castilian Spanish, European Portuguese, British English, and Serbian.

The same number of languages can also be seen in their Droplet app, the interactive Drops language app version for children. The only difference between the two is that Droplets will focus on simpler words, writing systems, and very basic sentence structure. SO, if you are a parent reading this review, then you can definitely make your kid use this app to learn vocabulary in over 43 foreign languages during their free time.


Drops Review: What Is This Language Learning App About?

Whenever we review language apps, we do understand that one of the concerns you are probably looking into is the price tag of using the app. Drops currently have two specific subscriptions plans, including the free and the premium version.

Free Version

With the free version of the drops language app, you can get the trial version, where you can use it for 5 minutes every 10 hours a day. However, this type of subscription can be a bit irritating for some since there will be several advertisements while using it.

Premium Version

For the case of the premium subscription, you only have to pay $8.49 monthly or yearly at $69.99. If, after one lesson and you find yourself loving the platform too much, you can also get a lifetimes subscription worth $159.99. Based on our experience, you should keep an eye out for your email since they also have tons of promotions and discount vouchers to entice premium users. We firmly believe that this type of subscription is good for intermediate learners who are truly keen on reviewing words with the goal of using them in a complete sentence.

With the premium version, you’ll get:

  • Access to all the 43 foreign languages without any restrictions at all
  • No advertisements
  • Offline access
  • Unlimited time for reviewing using the app
  • Choose and skip words you want to learn

3 Pros And Cons Of Drops

So now that we already know what Drops language is all about, perhaps you are wondering what are the major good points and downsides of this application. To help you out, we created the table below.

Drops is priced competitively and is not far off with the pricing of Memrise and Busuu.Drops is not an all-in-one platform since it only focuses on the vocabulary part of learning.
Drops app look exciting and has an easy-to-navigate type of design.The images and consistent in terms of design but it is a bit difficult to distinguish. 
Drops offers a huge number of languages which makes it a solid app for language enthusiasts. There are categories where there are some unrelated words coming up.

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you enjoyed our Drops app review and that you will stay tuned in our website for our reviews of other apps. But if you are interested in truly improving your language skills holistically and learn new words every day, then using the Ling App is Your perfect choice. Read on below to find out more.


Kickstart Your Learning Journey With Ling App

The Ling App by Simya Solutions is just what you need to check out now if you’re looking for an all-in-one application that teaches the complexity of 60+ foreign languages. In addition, this useful software provides free lesson courses so you can study while having fun on the go! Beginners and professionals will have more fun with it because of its gamified design, and it will provide you with the best form of practice you’ll ever need.

Now, that’s what we call a no-brainer! So download it today via the PlayStore or the AppStore to experience a new way to mastering a new language.

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