15+ Easy Words For Georgian Cooking Utensils

When it comes to cooking, food quality also relies heavily on the utensils that one uses during the process. After all, every cookware may vary in size, colors, materials, and usage. Today, we will walk you through the everyday Georgian cooking utensils and their significance in the traditional cooking methods in the country. If you are ready to impress the locals with your amazing Georgian Vocabulary, keep on scrolling below!

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Georgian Cooking Utensils

15+ Georgian Cooking Utensils

1.თიხის ქოთანი (Tikhis Kotani) Clay Pot

Most Georgian dishes are served and cooked using either a small or large clay pot. Traditional dishes like Lobio and Satsivi used clay pots to give a smokey flavor to the recipes. Aside from that, cooking boiled meat and various sauces in a clay pot helps recondition their pH value. It is also used in wine production and preservation.

2. პურის კალათა (P’uris K’alata) Bread Basket

Bread baskets are ubiquitous on the Georgian table, considering that Georgians love to eat various kinds of bread. The bread baskets and Georgian bread are very significant to Georgian cuisine because it represents the hospitality of the people in the country. It is also used in serving dried fruit roll-up or Tklapi.

3.პურის დანა (P’uris Dana) Bread Knife

A bread knife in every Georgian family is also standard in the country. One possible reason for that is that they have a Bread Festival and surely that they need to use the bread knife to divide and share their slices of bread with everyone.

4.ღუმელი (Rumford Ghumeli) Rumford Stove

Typically, Georgian chefs utilize traditional cooking methods to achieve a particular medieval taste. Different stoves are used in Georgian cooking, but the Rumford stove is the most common. This is similar to the Rumford fireplace, but the open flame is used as a stove.

5.კრეპის ტაფა (K’rep’is T’apa) Crepe Pan

Crepe pans are also used in serving Georgian cheese bread or Khachapuri. The flat surface of the crepe pan is perfect for serving the Georgian flatbreads, though some served it using a plate.

6. კვერცხის ბრაკონიერი (K’vertskhis Brak’onieri) Egg Poacher

Egg poacher is also used to make another type of Khachapuri that has an egg on top called the Adjarian Khachapuri.

7.ტაფა (T’apa) Frying Pan

Considering that some of the Georgian cuisines include stews and soups, they also use a frying pan when sauteing vegetables, meat, and other ingredients. Aside from that, they also use frying pans in serving a specific Georgian dish.

8.გრატერი (Grat’eri) Grater

The Georgians frequently use a grater or a shredder to grate cheese, vegetables, and fruits into finer pieces. Using a grater is a great help to make the soups and sauces have a solid and juicy texture.

9.საფქვავი (Sapkvavi) Grinder

A grinder is used to grind or mince meat and other vegetables. This is commonly used in preparing and cooking Khinkhali or Georgiann dumplings.

10.შერევის თასი (Sherevis Tasi) Mixing bowl

The mixing bowl is also a part of Georgian cooking. Seeing that in the long history of Georgian cuisine, ingredients are being mixed, such as herbs, spices, vegetables, and meat, to create flavorful recipes. You will never see a Georgian food with just a single ingredient. That’s why having a mixing bowl is a useful piece of equipment in the kitchen.

11.სოუსის ტაფა (Sousis T’apa) Sauce pan

The saucepan is a typical cooking utensil in Georgia. They may use different varieties of saucepan like glass, stainless, or clay. Considering that sauces and stews are prominent in the country, using a saucepan as a serving pan is one of their customs.

12.შამფური (Shampuri) Skewer

In addition to sauce and soup recipes, roasting chicken and grilling meat is also a recognized dish in the country. Having a skewer in their Georgian kitchen will make their pork, and beef kebab looks better.

13.გემი (Gemi) Steamer

Georgian frequently boiled or steamed their food. That’s why steamer is one of the cooking utensils that they use.

14.საცობი (Satsobi) Corkscrew

Whenever you hear ‘corkscrew,’ you will think of the word ‘wine,’ right? Yes! Beyond any doubt, having a corkscrew in the Georgian table is very common. This is because the country is known for the production of wine. Also, most of the homes in Georgia are drinking and serving various wines at various times of the day.

15.კოლანდერი (K’olanderi) Colander

Using a colander, washing the vegetables, fruits, and meats under running water is uncomplicated. This friendly utensil will make it easier to strain fruits vegetables if you are a vegetarian.

16.ქვაბის ტაფა (Kvabis T’apa) Boiler Pan

Georgian recipes are generally cooked in a boiler pan or pot to soften the meat. Using a boiler heated in the fire for a long time, the beef or chicken will tenderize its meat and make the boiled meat more delicate to the mouth.

17.ქილა (Kila) Jar

Either a glass jar or a clay jar, having a jar as a utensil in Georgian is customary. Jars have become the traditional storage of dried fruit candies and desserts. In addition, a jar is usually used by Georgians as wine storage.

Other Georgian Utensils

Other Georgian Utensils
Georgian UtensilPronunciationEnglish Translation
ღვინის ჭიქაghvinis ch’ikawine glass
თიხის ქილაtikhis kilaclay jar
ხის კოვზიkhis k’ovziwooden spoon
ქილის გასახსნელიkilis gasakhsnelican opener
ჭრის დაფაch’ris dapacutting board

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