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Frequently asked questions about learning Indonesian

Is Indonesian An Easy Language To Learn?

This largely depends on your native language. If you’re a native English speaker, you’ll find Indonesian easy to learn since it uses the Latin alphabet and has relatively simple vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar rules!


The Foreign Service Institute, FSI, classifies Indonesian as a category III language. This means that it’s less difficult than character languages, like Mandarin and Korean, but more difficult than romance languages, like Spanish and French. As a category III language, its difficulty level is somewhere in the middle.


Here are some key aspects of the Indonesian language to keep in mind:


  • Speaking: Unlike most Asian languages, Indonesian is not a tonal language. Its pronunciation is pretty easy, especially if you’re already familiar with the Latin alphabet, since the letters are mostly pronounced the same way that they’re spelled and no letters are silent.
  • Writing: The Indonesian language uses the standard Latin alphabet of 26 letters. Unlike English, Indonesian spelling is straightforward with few discrepancies between the spelling and pronunciation.
  • Reading: While Indonesian pronunciation is easy and the language uses the Latin alphabet, there is little overlap between Indonesian and English words. This means that you’ll have to put a lot of effort into learning Indonesian vocabulary.
  • Listening: On the flip side of easy pronunciation comes fast speech. You might find Indonesian speakers speak so fast that you can’t keep up and distinguish where one sentence ends and another one starts.


Aside from your native language, whether the Indonesia language is easy to learn also depends on how many hours you spend studying and the learning resources you use. For the best language learning resource, try the Ling app. With Ling, you can access over 200 Indonesian lessons, from family to accommodation to dating vocabulary and much more all in one app!

How Long Does It Take To Learn Indonesian?

As the Indonesian language is a category III language, it’s estimated to take the average learner 900 hours to reach proficiency. To put that number into perspective, if you studied every day for 2 hours, it would take you a little over a year.


The time it takes you to learn Indonesian also depends on your method of studying and how effective your studying is. For instance, if you study on your own, then you might want to anticipate it taking you longer than if you were to enroll in a language class and learn with a group or with a private tutor.


Don’t be discouraged, compared to category V languages, 900 hours isn’t bad! With the right attitude and resources, you can be well on your way to learning Bahasa Indonesian.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Indonesian?

The best way to learn Indonesian is with the Ling app, a language learning app with over 60 languages and 200 lessons per language!

The lessons are both comprehensive and quick to get through with vocabulary and phrases relevant to daily life. Not to mention, they accommodate your language level with beginner to advanced lessons. You can also practice the Indonesian written language with the app’s latest finger-tracing technology.

But, the best feature of this app is its interactive AI chatbot that can serve as your conversation partner and give you feedback on your pronunciation. That way, you can speak Indonesian like a native!

You can find Ling in the App Store, Google Play Store, or as a desktop version. So, there’s no need to worry if your device is compatible or not. The app itself is user-friendly, easy to navigate, loads fast, and has clear audio.

Learn how are you in Indonesian to more complex phrases by using the Ling app!

Is Indonesian Worth Learning?

Yes! Besides the fact that learning Bahasa Indonesian can teach you about the beautiful Indonesian culture and country, the Indonesia language is the tenth most spoken language in the world, with 198 million speakers!


If that’s not enough to convince you, Indonesia is also one of the most visited countries due to its bustling capital city of Jakarta, dazzling Bali beaches, and mouth-watering food. Learning the Indonesian language will help you better understand the culture and people of Indonesia, which is important whether you plan on vacationing or living long-term in the country.


Indonesian also has several words and phrases that do not have equivalent English translations, so you’ll be learning completely new vocabulary! If you want to learn Indonesian, you can do it easily with the Ling app!