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Frequently asked questions about Learn Marathi

Which Language Is Hard, Marathi Or Hindi?

As the official language of Maharashtra, spoken by about 90 million people worldwide, Marathi is a relatively easy language to learn.


Marathi and Hindi are both Indo-Aryan languages and share the same script. In fact, if you’re planning on learning Marathi, then you should be able to pick up Hindi and Sanskrit quite easily. Another factor that makes Marathi easier to learn is that it’s written the same way it is spoken.


However, grammatically, Hindi is much easier than Marathi. If you’re interested in learning Marathi, try learning either the basics of Hindi first or at the same time as learning Hindi.


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How Much Time Will It Take To Learn Marathi?

As surprising as it might sound, learning Marathi can be done in as little as a month. But, this will require 3-4 hours of studying daily.


Here are some facts you should know about the Marathi language:


  • Grammar: Marathi Grammar (Vyakaran) has three genders: masculine, non-masculine, and neuter. The sentence structure in Marathi follows the subject-object-verb (SOV) form. It also has upper and lower case letters and the numbers can be singular or plural.
  • Vocabulary: Marathi language and its vocabulary are derived from Maharashtri Prakit.  
  • Speaking/listening: Upon listening, Marathi sounds a lot like Hindi. But, Marathi and Hindi are completely different languages. For instance, Marathi pronunciation will take more time to master than Hindi since it has a larger alphabet.
  • Reading/writing: Marathi has a total of 52 letters and uses the Balbodh Devanagari script.
Why Is Marathi So Hard?

Keep in mind that if you’re a native English speaker, it will be much harder for you to pick up Marathi than a native Hindi speaker, or native speaker of other Indian languages. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!


The best way to learn Marathi is by living in Maharashtra! However, if you can’t travel to Maharashtra right now, then try listening to Marathi songs, watching Marathi movies, or Marathi news. Immersing yourself in Marathi media will only improve your Marathi language skills as well as give you great insight into the Marathi people and their culture.


If you’re looking for a great learning resource to learn Marathi, try the Ling app! Ling has free lessons in Marathi covering all essential topics for your next trip to Maharashtra.

Which Subject Is Easy, Hindi Or Marathi?

Both Hindi and Marathi can be easy languages if you put the time and effort into learning them. However, the two languages do have some distinct similarities and differences.


As far as major similarities, they both share the same script, but each language uses them in a slightly different way.


As far as major differences, Marathi grammar is more complex and Hindi grammar. This could be due to Hindi being an older language than Marathi. Hindi and Marathi pronunciation are also vastly different.


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