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Lithuanian Blog

The 5 Famous Regions Of Lithuania

November 22, 2021
Do you know that Lithuania is divided into 5 ethnographic regions? These regions of Lithuania have been formed since the...

The 8 Religions In Lithuania: Easy Guide

November 1, 2021
Do you know that Lithuania, amongst all European countries, is the last country to adopt Christianity? Interested to learn more...

1# Helpful Guide To Lithuanian Writing

October 11, 2021
Lithuanian is in the list of the top ten oldest languages spoken on earth. Have you ever found yourself wondering...

1# Easy Guide To Animals In Lithuania

September 16, 2021
Exploring a country will never be complete without getting yourself acquainted with some of the local gyvūnai or animals that...

Lithuanian Numbers: 1 2 3 Made Easy

September 4, 2021
Are you ready for your trip and to speak the language of Lithuania? But before you go, you have to...

6 Powerful Languages Spoken In Lithuania

August 31, 2021
Labas! Here we are together again to learn something new about Lithuanian. Previously, we have looked into many basic phrases...

Learn 28 Valuable Lithuanian Vocabulary For Family To Learn

August 30, 2021
They say that family is a blessing that lasts. As we keep on discovering the world, we will realize that...

Your 8 Go-To Proven Ways To Say You're Welcome In Lithuanian

August 23, 2021
Expressing your gratitude is really important but, acknowledging the expression of gratitude is also as important. So, let's learn how...

Colors In Lithuanian- 1# Excellent Guide

August 20, 2021
Learning the names for colors in Lithuanian is an excellent way to increase your knowledge of Lithuanian vocabulary, especially if you are...
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Lithuanian Blog

Lithuanian Blog


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