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Lithuanian Blog

Learn 8 Interesting Ways To Say Good Night In Lithuanian

July 23, 2021
When the sun is down in Lithuania, and you can feel the night breeze, it's nice to have someone to...

Rekindle: 6 Powerful Ways To Say Sorry In Lithuanian

July 13, 2021
While exploring the beautiful sights in Lithuania, there will be times that you'll accidentally bump into someone or interrupt them to ask for...

Here's To You: 5 Basic Ways To Say Cheers In Lithuanian

July 11, 2021
Who doesn't want to have drinks with your friends? If you are planning to go drinking in Lithuania, make sure...

10 Beautiful Ways To Ask How Are you In Lithuanian Language

June 28, 2021
Going to Lithuania? Learn how to say How are you in Lithuanian. Of course, it's easy to ask someone How are you? when you speak...

10 Wonderful Ways To Say Thank You In Lithuanian

June 21, 2021
Lithuania is a beautiful country that has lots of things to be thankful for. So, if you plan to travel...

6 Ways To Say Beautiful In Lithuanian

June 15, 2021
Do you know how to say beautiful in Lithuanian? Lithuania is one beautiful (Gražus) and fantastic country that doesn't get too much...

4 Ways To Say Happy Birthday In Lithuanian

June 7, 2021
Celebrating another year of life is priceless. Lithuanians do not just say Happy Birthday in Lithuanian (Su gimimo diena); they...

Slow But Essential : 100 Lithuanian Vocabulary About Transportation

June 4, 2021
Lithuanian public transportation may be slow, but it will make your trip memorable, especially if you know some Lithuanian vocabulary...

Keeping It Slow: 5 Love Words And Phrases In Lithuanian

May 22, 2021
Love (Meilė) takes time for Lithuanians. You can learn as many love words and phrases in Lithuanian as you want. You can...

Lithuanian Blog

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