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Frequently asked questions about learning Turkish

Is Turkish An Easy Language To Learn?

Turkey isn’t the easiest language to learn in the world, but it’s not the hardest. The Foreign Institute Service ranks it as a category four language, out of its total of five categories. So, its difficulty level is somewhere in between learning Swahili and learning Mandarin!


Learning Turkish language is difficult because of its agglutination characteristics. Agglutination simply means the addition of prefixes and suffixes to show the direction and hierarchy of the sentence rather than using prepositions.


For example, Muvaffakiyetsizleştiricileştiriveremeyebileceklerimizdenmişsinizcesine means, “As if you were of those we would not be able to turn into a maker of unsuccessful ones” in Turkish.


The second factor that makes Turkey hard for most language learners is its vowel harmony. Unlike the English language where vowels are straightforward, Turkish vowels can be changed to make a word sound better.


If you’re having trouble learning Turkish, you can use the Ling app! With over 200 Turkish lessons, from beginner to advanced, as well as extensive tips on grammar and sentence structures, you’ll be on your way to learning Turkish in no time!

Can I Learn Turkish By Myself?

You can learn Turkish by yourself, thanks to all the resources nowadays, like language learning apps. Turkish doesn’t have to be as hard as you think with determination and the right learning materials.


Here are some tips for learning Turkish by yourself:


  • Use the best learning resources: The first thing you need to do is to compile effective learning resources. Language learning apps, like Ling, can help you understand and master the basics of the Turkish language. Once you understand the basics, learning the language will be much easier. The Ling app includes bite-sized, interactive Turkish lessons with a variety of mini-games to make learning fun!
  • Set clear goals: Make sure you have a clear, realistic goal for your Turkish learning journey. First, know why you’re learning Turkish. Knowing your purpose for learning the language will make it easier to set goals.
  • Create a clear study plan: After you’ve figured out your purpose for learning Turkish, decide how much time you want to dedicate to learning Turkish. For example, do you want to study for 15 minutes a day or 1 hour a day? Ling can help you keep track of your learning progress and never skip study days!
  • Practice what you’ve learned: Never stop practicing what you’ve learned, and this applies to all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). The more you practice, the more you’ll retain the information.
What Is The Best Way To Learn Turkish?

While there is no “one size fits all” approach to learning Turkish, here are some great tips to get you started:


  • Hire a tutor: If you want to learn the ins and outs of the Turkish language, then you should consider hiring a private tutor. With one-on-one sessions, you’ll be able to learn all the details of Turkish to make you an expert in the language.
  • Get creative with your learning: If you can’t immerse yourself in the Turkish language by traveling or living in Turkey, then you’ll have to get creative. For example, listening to Turkish podcasts every morning when you’re getting ready or putting on a Turkish cooking channel and following the instructions! There are no bounds to how you can learn Turkish, as long as it works for you! You might even want to consider learning Turkish with the Ling app!
Is Turkish Worth Learning?

With over 75 million native Turkish speakers in the world, it’s worth it to learn the language.


First and foremost, learning Turkish will eliminate a language barrier between you and Turkish people, that way you can connect with them on a deeper level. It will also open you up to the culture, traditions, and history of Turkey.


Since Turkish is used in parts of Central Asia and the Middle East, you’ll also be able to communicate in multiple countries!


If you’re interested in the best way to learn Turkish, you can use the Ling app! With Ling’s cutting-edge technology, you can practice your conversation skills and get feedback on your pronunciation with the app’s AI chatbot!