Ling Method

Our cutting-edge method of explicit and implicit instruction is meticulously tailored to accommodate the linguistic features of Asian and Eastern European languages.

Explicit-Implicit Instruction

Learn languages effortlessly with Ling’s specialized approach! Our app blends explicit and implicit teaching methods designed specifically for the characteristics of Asian and Eastern European languages. Compared to more commonly taught languages, our languages pose challenges in grammar, pronunciation, conversational dynamics, and cultural understanding. We at Ling recognize the need for a comprehensive skill set to really master these languages.

Scenario-Based Content

Step into real-life scenarios with our scenario-based content. Say goodbye to bland memorization techniques of irrelevant words or phrases! Our lesson content is organized around everyday situations, allowing you to learn language in context. Mastering real-life communication requires understanding context-specific language usage, and our approach caters to this need.

What Is Explicit Instruction In Ling?

Delve into the intricacies of language-specific conventions with our explicit instruction. Our grammar tips are presented clearly and concisely, supported by practical examples within the app. We also have detailed pronunciation tips for languages with non-Latin scripts to help build that speaking confidence. And remember to dive into our cultural insights to explore the connection between language and culture.

What Is Implicit Instruction In Ling?

Experience the subtleties of language through implicit instruction. Our immersive native speaker audio will equip you with tonal and phonetic nuances, while our word-by-word feature will help you recognize challenging word patterns. Use our smart chatbot to take part in dynamic conversations to build towards fluency and effortless real-life communication skills.

Learning Resource For All

Ling is committed to ongoing improvements of our app, aiming to make it the ultimate language-learning app for everyone.

This guarantees that our app serves learners from various backgrounds and is accessible worldwide.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected].