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Georgian Blog

21+ Captivating Ways To Say Beautiful In Georgian Language

September 20, 2022
As an upcoming tourist destination for many, Georgia has many exciting ways to explore the country. With every animal, plant,...

4+ Easy Ways To Introduce Yourself In Georgian

September 12, 2022
If you've got your eyes in Georgia, it's best to find the most important words to memorize before traveling. But...

30+ Basic Georgian Phrases: An Easy List

June 30, 2022
Are you wondering how you can easily blend in with the locals during your trip? It is recommended that you...

15 Best Georgian Slang Words To Learn This Year

May 10, 2022
During your trip to the Republic of Georgia, you talk with native speakers but still can't sound like a local. Do...

Accommodation In Georgia: #1 Awesome Guide

April 28, 2022
If you're planning on traveling to Georgia, wouldn't it be best to know some of the vocabulary relating to accommodation...

35+ Easy Georgian Cooking Terms: A Basic Guide

April 20, 2022
We all know that Georgian food is intensely underrated worldwide, especially compared to other European countries. If you want to...

40+ Easy Georgian Disaster-Related Words

April 18, 2022
Because we are now dealing with many natural hazards and disasters, I will introduce you to some of the basic...

16 Georgian Musical Instruments: #1 Awesome Guide

April 12, 2022
Do you want to know what Georgian musical instruments are often used in different country regions? Today, we will explore...

30+ Easy Georgian Questions

April 8, 2022
Are you wondering how to construct easy Georgian questions? Well, we got you covered! In today's post, we will walk...
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Georgian Blog

Georgian Blog


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