Frequently asked questions

The best way to learn a language will differ from person to person. But, it largely depends on what kind of learner you are. 


  • Visual: Learn through images and other visual mediums
    • Most effective language learning resources: videos, media
  • Aural: Learn by simply hearing information
    • Most effective language learning resources: audiobooks, podcasts, movies, private tutoring lessons
  • Verbal: Learn through conversation and writing
    • Most effective language learning resources: private tutoring, group classes, conversation partner
  • Kinesthetic: Learn through personal, hands-on experience
    • Most effective language learning resources: travel, cultural immersion


Here’s how Ling accommodates every kind of learner:


  • Lots of colorful, descriptive visuals with each vocabulary word
  • Clear, comprehensive audio from native speakers
  • Cutting-edge AI chatbot to listen and respond to in real-time
  • Hands-on activities, such as letter-tracing technology, to learn a language’s alphabet

Yes, you can learn a language from apps! But, make sure that the app covers all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. That way, you can be proficient in all areas of the language, not just one or two.


Here’s how Ling incorporates all four language skills into its app:

  • Speaking: Repeat the word or phrase that you hear from the native speaker. Next, go back and listen to your recording and assess your own speaking abilities, as well as receive a score and immediate feedback from us.
  • Listening: Choose the word that best matches the audio you hear. 
  • Reading: Over 200 real-life, fill-in-the-blank dialogues. Optional transliterations are provided for certain languages.
  • Writing: Step-by-step animated instructions on how to write each letter, followed by the ability to trace the letter on the screen with your finger. This detailed instruction is essential for character languages, like Chinese, where stroke order plays such an important factor.


Ling wants all its learners to develop a well-rounded language education, that way there are no surprises when it comes to using the language in real-world situations.

Ling currently offers 60+ languages. As Ling strives to give equal recognition to all languages, we work hard to provide comprehensive language content for major languages, like Spanish and Korean, to minor languages such as Estonian and Lao.

We are constantly updating the content in our language courses, as well as adding new languages, so be sure to check back often to see what has changed!