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Frequently asked questions about learning Slovak

Is Slovak Easy To Learn?

Most Slavic languages are harder to learn for English speakers, and Slovak is no exception. Slovak has a very distinct pronunciation and confusing syntax.

But, don’t get discouraged by how strong the language sounds; there’s always a way to learn!

Why not try the Ling app, for instance? You can immerse yourself in a new language with interactive games and other activities and exercises.

Learn Slovak easier with these facts:

  • Grammar: Slovak contains four grammatical genders, morphological and number cases. It doesn’t follow any particular word order and has six different cases.
  • Vocabulary: Slovak vocabulary is vast with many influences from Latin, German, Czech, Polish, Greek, and Hungarian. Start with basic vocabulary, like greetings, numbers, and familial terms.
  • Speaking/Listening: Practice with a native speaker to get used to the different dialects. Slovak consists of three main dialect groups: Eastern, Central, and Western.
  • Reading/Writing: Slovak is written in the Latin alphabet with 15 vowels, 29 consonants, and specific diacritics.  
How Long Does It Take To Learn Slovak?

Learning Slovak depends on how much time and effort you put into studying the Slovakian language. For some, it might take months. For others, it might take years. According to the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), an English speaker will need at least 1100 lesson hours to master Slovak.

Eager to learn Slovakian faster? Here are some learning tips to help you:

  • Look for an exciting topic to write about to practice the Slovak Latin alphabet
  • Find a language partner to improve your overall pronunciation
  • Watch YouTube videos and listen to music from native Slovak speakers
  • Use flashcards along with the spaced repetition system
  • Download the Ling app for comprehensive Slovak lessons, applicable vocabulary and phrases, and quizzes to test your progress
Is Czech Or Slovak Easier?

Generally speaking, neither Czech nor Slovak is easy to learn. Both are classified as category III languages, according to the FSI, so learning them requires a lot of time and effort.

But, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try learning these languages. In fact, the two actually have many similarities and differences. For instance, Czech only has two grammatical genders and has to agree on numbers. Meanwhile, Slovak has four genders with nominative cases, singular, plural, and genetive case plural.

Of course, if you’re a native speaker of Slovak or Czech, learning the other will be much easier. If not, don’t worry! All you have to do is put in some time and effort and you’ll be able to see results in no time. It also doesn’t hurt to use a good language learning app!

With the Ling app, you can receive daily reminders when learning Slovak. Once you open the app, you can learn vocabulary, words, and phrases from over 200 topics! Ling is hands down the best way to learn Slovak!

Is Slovakia The Same As Slovenia?

Although the two languages have nearly identical names and flags, Slovakia and Slovenia are two completely different countries. They are not even neighbors or share similar histories.  

Geographically diverse, Slovenia borders Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Croatia. On the other hand, Slovakia borders Czech, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and Romania.

Slovak and Slovene (also known as Slovenian) are also linguistically different. Slovenian is of the South Slavic group of languages, while Slovak is from the West Slavic group. There are at least 5.5 million native Slovak speakers and 2.5 million native Slovenian speakers.

Remember not to mix up Slovak and Slovenian when learning! If you need an app to help you or keep you on track, use the Ling app! With Ling, you can learn all different vocabulary, from greetings to vegetables to navigation to emergency. Download Ling today to make use of all this app has to offer!