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Frequently asked questions about learning Spanish

How Can I Learn Spanish By Myself?

If you set your goals early on and use good language materials, learning Spanish by yourself shouldn’t be too much of a challenge! Of course, learning Spanish, like any other language, requires continuous commitment and effort.


Here are some methods to help you learn Spanish on your own:


  • Set goals and designated times to study
  • Listen to Spanish podcasts or Spanish radio
  • Watch Spanish TV shows and films with subtitles
  • Interact with native Spanish speakers


You can learn Spanish free with the Ling app! With over 200 Spanish lessons, you’ll be able to communicate fluently in Spanish in no time!

Is Spanish Easy To Learn?

Yes, everyone should learn Spanish since the language only takes around 750 hours to become proficient!


For beginners, you should focus on basic reading comprehension and simple verb tenses for the first three months of study.


Want to make your first Spanish lessons easy? Know these facts about the language:


  • Origin: Spanish is part of the Romance language family. Other members include Italian, French, Portuguese, and Romanian.
  • Conjugations: There are 50 conjugations for all Spanish verbs.
  • Gender: Spanish contains two genders for its nouns.
  • Moods: There are three moods in Spanish: Indicative, Subjunctive and Imperative.
  • Phonology: Spanish came from Vulgar Latin. It currently has 17 to 19 constant phonemes. Learning in Spanish requires rolling your tongue with the R and S articulations.
  • Dialects and varieties: Spain has 25 global varieties with ten major dialects in Spain alone.
  • Alphabet and writing: The Spanish alphabet consists of 27 letters and contains an additional character, Ñ (eñe). It also has inverted exclamations and question marks.
What’s The Hardest Part Of Learning Spanish?

Some learners say Spanish vocabulary is hard to memorize due to its conjugations. But, ultimately, the hardest part of learning Spanish is understanding local speakers!


Hence why so many users download Spanish learning apps with adjustable audio files to improve their speaking and listening skills.


If you want to better your Spanish listening skills, try the Ling app! With a variety of fun speaking games, you can practice your Spanish pronunciation while improving your Spanish comprehension. Even better, Ling also has free Spanish lessons!


Why Is Spanish Spoken So Fast?

A language often feels like it’s being spoken fast when we don’t understand it. However, Spanish is a syllable-timed language, while English is stress-timed, so that’s one of the main reasons why the language is spoken fast.

If you learn Spanish by listening to the natural rhythm of native speakers, your brain will naturally pick up sentence patterns and create meaningful sentences according to the context.

So, if you’re learning Spanish for the first time, you should use a language learning app that allows you to increase or decrease the speed of the audio, like the Ling app! With lessons covering all topics, from beginner to advanced, you’ll be speaking the local lingo before you know it!