6 Best Apps To Learn Swedish Easily In 2023

apps to learn Swedish

Learning Swedish might seem like a winter plunge in the Baltic – chilling and adventurous at the same time. But in the era of digital learning, it’s a lot warmer (and much more comfortable!). Let’s speed up your language learning journey with mobile apps packed with engaging and interactive lessons designed for all levels!

From dynamic apps to learn Swedish, like the Ling app that allows you to have fun while learning, to experienced native tutors ready to give you a one-on-one lesson, we’ve explored the vast app world and found the hottest learning tools for you. We’re talking about the six best apps for learning Swedish in 2023. These apps are here to make your Swedish learning journey smoother and far more exciting.

Quick Summary:

Our Top Picks for Apps to Learn Swedish
Best For
Ling logo


  • Interactive courses
  • Suitable for all levels
  • AI chatbot practice
apps to learn Swedish - A photo of Babbel logo


  • Real-life application
  • Customizable lessons
  • Diverse levels
Innovative App
apps to learn Swedish - A photo of Mondly logo


  • Quality audio
  • Repetition technique
  • Multi-language learning

Why Learn Swedish With Language Apps?

Learning Swedish through apps is a great idea. Here’s why it’s so good:

  • Discover Swedish Books and Movies: Swedish is important for enjoying books, movies, and music from Sweden. Apps teach you everyday words and phrases that you see in these. You’ll get to enjoy Swedish stories and songs the way they were meant to be.

  • Good for Work: Sweden has lots of big companies, especially in tech and design. Learning Swedish on apps can help you in jobs like these. You can learn words and phrases that people use in offices in Sweden.

  • Easy for English Speakers: If you speak English, Swedish is not too hard to learn. Apps are good at showing how Swedish and English are similar. This makes learning Swedish feel more natural.

  • Helpful for Studying in Sweden: If you want to study in Sweden, knowing Swedish is really helpful. Apps to learn Swedish have special words and phrases for school and university. This is good for understanding classes and talking to other students.

  • Fun for Travel and Family: Knowing Swedish makes trips to Sweden more fun. You can talk to people, order food, and find places easily. If you have family from Sweden, speaking Swedish helps you feel closer to them. Swedish learning apps make learning these everyday things fun and easy.

  • Learn in Different Ways: Apps have many ways to learn, like listening, reading, and talking. They tell you right away if you make a mistake, so you learn faster. This is good because everyone likes to learn in their own way.

So, put on your explorer’s hat because we’re about to embark on a fun and simplified journey to discover the best Swedish learning apps out there! Trust us; it will be worth your while. Let’s go, shall we?

At a glance:
Our Top 6 Picks for Apps to Learn Swedish
  • Best For Versatile Learning: Ling
  • Best For Practical Vocabulary: Babbel
  • Best Innovative App: Mondly
  • Best For Auditory Learners: Pimsleur
  • Best For Finding Swedish Tutors: iTalki
  • Best For Visual Learners: Drops

1. Ling – Best App For Versatile Swedish Learning

Is learning Swedish on your bucket list? Or are you planning a quick visit to Sweden, perhaps, and want to impress locals with your conversational skills? Let me introduce you to the best Swedish learning app, your new best friend – the Ling app.

The Ling app gives you interactive, fun, yet substantial Swedish courses. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just dipping your toes into the language or if you’re practically bilingual. This app has got you covered. It even provides practice for conversation with the Ling app’s AI chatbot. So, whenever the clock strikes practice time, your robotic companion awaits.

Performance-wise, the Ling app sits right at the top of the list of best apps to learn Swedish. Courses are fun and substantial — it feels like playing a language-learning game where you come out speaking Swedish! Also, you might find yourself chatting away with the chatbot in Swedish, perfecting your diction and gaining fluency without even realizing it.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Ling App Overview

The Ling app is a dynamic app for learning Swedish, perfect for all skill levels with interactive courses and a conversational chatbot.


  • Interactive Learning: Ditch the boring textbooks and embrace a new-age learning experience. The Ling app provides an array of interactive Swedish lessons.

  • Perfect for All Learners: Regardless of your experience level, the Ling app provides courses that cater to everyone, from an absolute beginner to an advanced learner.

  • Chatbot Practice: One of the key features of the Ling app is its chatbot. This tool lets you practice conversational Swedish in a stress-free environment, ensuring you’ll be ready to impress Swedes on your next trip.


  • Free with beginner lessons and an introductory Chatbot.

  • Monthly: $14.99

  • Six Months: $39.99

  • Yearly: $79.99 (7-day free trial)

  • Lifetime: $149.99

2. Babbel – Best Swedish App For Practical Vocabulary

When it comes to learning Swedish efficiently and engagingly, one that instantly stands out from the apps to learn Swedish is Babbel. Renowned for its well-regulated and dynamic courses, Babbel has transformed language learning into a smoother and more engaging process.

Babbel’s performance has been widely recognized for its practical teachings and seamless user experience. Conversations come to life as if you’re having a friendly chat with a pal in Swedish!

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Babbel Overview

Babbel offers practical Swedish learning tailored to real-life use, suitable for beginners to advanced learners.


  • Tailored for All: Whether you’re a newbie or a skilled Swedish speaker looking to polish your skills, Babbel has got you covered. The app offers various courses tailored to suit all learning levels.

  • Practical Learning: Babbel thrives on the philosophy that language learning should be practical and relevant. The Swedish course content is aligned with real-life situations, encouraging you to apply your newly learned skills in daily conversations.

  • Customization at Its Best: Babbel goes the extra mile to ensure each learner gets a personalized experience. You can customize your lessons based on your interests, making the learning process more enjoyable!


  • Monthly premium: $13.95

  • 3 months premium: $41.85

  • 6 months premium: $83.70

  • Yearly premium: $167.40

  • Lifetime subscription: $599.99

3. Mondly – Best App For Innovative App

Mondly is here to make your Swedish language-learning experience a thrilling ride through innovative and engaging courses. Say goodbye to monotonous lessons as Mondly injects fun and competition into language learning.

Mondly’s performance steals the show with its entertaining and effective daily courses. Its gamified lessons make learning fascinating, motivating, and enjoyable, keeping you hooked on the learning process.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Mondly Overview

Mondly keeps Swedish learning exciting with gamified, innovative daily courses, catering to all language backgrounds.


  • Quality Audio: Enhance your pronunciation and listening skills with high-quality audio clips featuring native Swedish speakers.

  • Smart Repetition: Mondly employs well-planned repetition intervals to ensure that what you learn sticks in your memory for easy recall.

  • Language Independence: Worried about learning Swedish through English? Fear not! Mondly supports lessons in multiple languages, allowing you to learn Swedish using your native language.


  • Free with basic daily lessons.

  • Monthly premium (one language): $9.99

  • Yearly premium (one language): $47.99

  • Lifetime (all languages): $89.99

4. Pimsleur – Best Swedish App For Auditory Learners

Pimsleur, the well-loved granddaddy of language-learning apps, packs a punch when it comes to learning Swedish. Renowned for its unique audio-focused approach, it’s your perfect companion if you’re an auditory learner or if you simply love listening more than reading.

Thanks to its audio-centric approach, you’ll find yourself picking up Swedish phrases almost effortlessly. Pimsleur’s Swedish lessons feel natural and conversational, seamlessly weaving practical Swedish grammar lessons into interesting, real-world scenarios.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Pimsleur Overview

Pimsleur focuses on auditory learning, blending practical grammar with conversational Swedish for natural language acquisition.


  • Audio-Based Instruction: Pimsleur’s distinctive learning style heavily focuses on immersion via audio.

  • Graduated Interval Recall: Pimsleur’s scientifically proven method strategically introduces new Swedish vocabulary and concepts to help cement your learning.

  • Integrated Reading Practice: Though primarily an audio-based tool, Pimsleur also offers reading activities to reinforce language acquisition. This keeps your reading skills in check.


  • Free with basic and very limited features.

  • Monthly premium: $19.95 (one language), $20.95 (all languages)

  • Yearly premium: $164.95 (all languages)

5. iTalki – Best App For Finding Swedish Tutors

iTalki brings personalized lessons straight to your device, making learning a foreign language as easy as sending a text message. iTalki shines when it comes to flexibility and personalization. With the ability to select your own Swedish tutor, you’ll easily find someone that matches your learning style. The app’s functionality is smooth, and it feels more like you’re video-calling a friend for a pleasant chat than sitting down for a hard study session.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

iTalki Overview

iTalki personalizes Swedish learning with tutor selection based on your preferences, offering flexible and tailored lessons.


  • Tailored Tutoring: Whether you fancy a native speaker or prefer an internationally-versed tutor, iTalki’s got you covered. Select an instructor based on your learning style, interests, and goals.

  • Customizable Tutoring Times: Say goodbye to time zone troubles; any time that works for you works for iTalki.

  • Your Way, Your Win: Choose your preferred teaching methods and content. Whether it’s via Skype, text, voice lessons, or interactive audio and video lessons, Italki is here to personalize.


  • Community tutors: $4 – $30/hour

  • Professional teachers: $10 – $80/hour

  • Lesson packages: Varies

6. Drops – Best App For Learning Swedish Through Visuals

If you’re looking for apps to learn Swedish that make learning feel less like a chore and more like a colorful burst of fun, you’ve found it! Meet Drops, an immersive and visual app for learning Swedish. But it isn’t just about pretty colors and fun games – this app packs quite the language-learning punch!

Drops is as performance-driven as it is playful. The 5-minute lessons fit perfectly well in your coffee breaks or while waiting for your bus. This beautifully designed app makes learning engaging and highly effective, simplifying the language learning process.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Drops Overview

Drops makes Swedish learning visually appealing and efficient with its short, interactive lessons focusing on essential vocabulary.


  • Practical Learning: Drops drenches you in practical Swedish, focusing on vocabulary words and phrases you’d typically use in everyday conversations. Just the language essentials you need to make your Swedish journey smooth sailing.

  • Interactive Interface: Drops serves up a visually stunning, user-friendly interface loaded to the hilt with fun interactive elements.

  • Memory Association Learning: Let’s face it; language learning can seem like a daunting task at times. Drops eases this through a distinct method that has you associate Swedish words with images to reinforce your memory.


  • Free for one topic per day for five minutes.

  • Monthly premium: $13.00

  • Yearly premium: $69.99 ($5.83/month)

  • Lifetime premium: $159.99
apps to learn Swedish - A photo of a happy woman using her mobile phone outside a building

Discover The Best Apps To Learn Swedish In 2023

In our globalized world, being multilingual extends beyond career prospects. It’s a ticket to a rich cultural encounter brimming with unique experiences.

Those apps to learn Swedish mentioned bring something great to the table, catering to different learning styles, budget constraints, and time commitments. However, if you’re looking for a comprehensive and engaging experience, the Ling app stands out as the top choice. The key is to explore each one, understand what strikes a chord with your learning rhythm, and commit yourself to the course. But for a seamless and enriching journey in Swedish, the Ling app is the way to go. It won’t be long before you exchange warm hejs (hellos) and tacks (thanks) with your Swedish friends.

Learning Swedish, or any other language, is a marathon, not a sprint. Remember, it’s not about mastering in days or weeks; it’s about small, consistent progress. With the Ling app, this progress feels natural and enjoyable, seamlessly integrating into your daily routine.

So here’s to embarking on a new Swedish learning journey in 2023. Don’t wait any longer; download the Ling app from the Google Play Store and the App Store now, and start your adventure in Swedish learning today!

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