#1 Honest Babbel Review: Is It Worth To Try?

December 2, 2020

In this Babbel review, I will try to talk about the basics things that you need to know about this language learning app. By the end of this blog post, you’ll know what Babbel is, what language you can learn... Also, you will be able to understand how the language app works. You can consider after you read this blog post to see 'is Babbel worth it?'


What Is Babbel?

Babbel is an affordable language learning app. It’s subscription-based and will help you learn 14 languages using their platform. The format of this online language course provider is curriculum-based with pre-recorded content. So, there is no live interaction involved in Babbel.

Babbel features familiar quiz-like course elements combined with vocabulary practice tools, exercises, pronunciation, and grammar teachers as well as.

Languages You Can Learn

Babbel offers 13 languages for English speakers to pick from. However, you need to pay separately for each subscription.

Spanish Dutch
French Indonesian
German Norwegian
Italian Polish
Portuguese Swedish
Russian Turkish

Also, you can learn English with Babbel if you are a Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Swedish speaker.

Unfortunately, if you want to learn Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Thai, you cannot find these language courses on Babbel yet.

Is Babbels Worth It For You?

It appears that most of Babbel’s users are those people who just started learning a new language. So, it’s not hard to conclude that this app is not that good for you if you are looking to learn new vocabulary words and improve your sentence structures.

One good thing about Babbel is that it allows you to jump around different levels. That basically means that you can change the level if you feel it’s too easy or for more advanced users than you. This is a cool feature that most other language learning platforms (Duolingo for example) don’t have to offer. So, with Babbel, you don’t have to start from the very beginning and wait until you reach the stage that you’re most suited for. In other words, it allows you to open the field for slightly more advanced language learners.

Babbel Review

Babbel Review: How It works

Now we will talk about how this language app actually works and how it can help you with the learning of a new language.

First, this platform is mainly focused on helping its users to learn new words, improve their language grammar skills, and sentence structures. If we compare it with similar language learning apps like Memrise and Busuu, Babbel says that they help people work on their conversation skills as well.

Having in mind that their content is unique for every language, Babbel may have varied quality/quantity of content. If we take Babbel Spanish for example, you have better quality and quantity of lessons in comparison to a less popular language like Portuguese or Russian.

The Babbel user experience is not that much different than learning with Rosetta Stone or Duolingo. As I already said in my Rosetta Stone vs Duolingo review, both of them use a mixture of flashcards, fill in the blanks, and multiple-choice formatting to teach you a language. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, Babbel doesn’t offer interactions with native speakers of any other life lesson experiences so you can improve your conversational skills.

Babbel Review: Price

From a cost perspective, Babbel is quite cheap. Even though you have to pay for each language you want to learn, you actually do receive a good amount of content for the price you pay. If we compare it to similar instructional and software-based language apps, Babbel is on a good path. 

Babbel Review

Registration with Babbel is completely free of charge and the first lesson in every course is free to try. They claim that they want you to interact with their product, see how their lessons are structured, and view their course topics before signing up for a Babbel subscription. So, while you get a taste of Babbel’s product via a series of 10 basic language lessons, they will ask you to sign in a matter of minutes.

Price comparison of similar apps to Babbel:

  • Duolingo: Free
  • Rosetta Stone: $6.99/mo (24 month subscription) to $18.99 (3 month subscription)
  • Busuu: Free + $6.66/mo (24 month subscription) to $12.99 (3 month subscription)
  • Memrise: Free + $4.92 (12 month subscription) to $9 (monthly subscription)

Based on search queries, most people seem to be debating between using Babbel vs Duolingo, given the latter’s free price point. So, why don’t you have a pick into my Babbel vs Duolingo review and get a better idea of both app’s pros and cons?

Time Required

If we talk about scheduling, Babbel is in line with similar language apps. Having in mind that they can all be done on the go from the smartphone. So, if you manage to make some room in your work schedule, you can simply open the app and get some lessons done without any problem.

Alternative To Babbel 

Like most people who are learning a new language, you want to have both a tool to help you with basic words and grammar and a way to improve your conversation skills with a real speaker. It’s basically the same thing as having a fitness app and a trainer to help you get better health results.

While these software-based apps have great rates for the price you are required to pay, there’s a ceiling you hit eventually. Most of the apps I mentioned in this review don’t offer assistance with conversation skills. If you want to find a new job, build genuine relationships or travel the world, becoming a fluent speaker in a foreign language will offer the most logical thing to do. 

This is where Ling App comes in, the platform where you can learn a new language in a fun and interesting way.

Babbel Review: Pros And Cons 

Pros  Cons
Visualization is great: there are Babbel lot of appealing pictures which help you to remember vocabulary and sentences Information: at the beginning, there is no information about how the course is structured
Clarity: good overview of your progress, different tasks, and other options Costs: You only have access to one language per subscription
User Experience: the layout and the design is very pleasant and appealing Lack of Motivation: set up more like traditional instruction and can become a little repetitive after a while
Audio: all the things you learn are spoken out loud Content: Less popular languages have less content
Wide range of Topics: beginners, middle school courses, grammar, business English, speak and listening, read and writing, country and people, extras, words and phrases Practical use: Doesn't develop conversation skills
Vocabulary: Good for basic vocabulary Materials: No material past intermediate levels
Grammar: Good for practicing difficult grammar Languages: Low number of languages you can learn

Final Thoughts

I really liked using Babbel. However, there are still some things to improve. For example, Repeating vocabulary could be better constructed and I’m not satisfied with something like a system that is sorting words depending on how often I answered it correctly/wrong. Also, the easy words are repeated. So, more than 30% of the vocabulary given in the app was more or less useless to learn for me and there was no way to delete them.

So, from my experience with Babbel for a while, I would say Babbel is not really worth it for me. 

If you are a beginner at learning a new language, Babbel can be a decent helper. But if already have some basic knowledge of the language, there is no real reason to use this platform. Maybe you should try learning with Ling App and have fun in the process.

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