Samaha Kazmi
Samaha Kazmi
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"Slovenian, Irish, and Korean language specialists. My love for language dates back to when I was young and started learning Korean, Chinese, and Spanish out of curiosity. I have never thought that I would ever be able to utilize this skill and earn a living from it. I am fluent in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, and English. I can hold an intermediate-level conversation in Chinese, Spanish and Korean. I am also aware of some vocabulary in Arabic, Persian, French, and Italian. I am glad to come across the opportunity of working with Simya solutions as this platform not only assists me in teaching others but also helps me polish my skills. "
apps to learn Arabic
Best 10 Apps To Learn Arabic Rapidly In 2023!

Ever heard the expression, “Kayef a Haluk” (كيف حالك؟)? You might have heard this Arabic greeting asking, “how are you?” before. That’s because Arabic is the