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Nausheen Nafeez
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Nausheen has been writing professionally for several. She also teaches English as a second language. Her skill as a wordsmith is the result of years of creating language and health material for many organizations throughout her career. Nausheen contributes her writing talents to Ling's blogs in Swahili, French, Croatian, and Slovenian in addition to creating other language learning advice. Her exposure to various cultures, dialects, and languages as a child of a third culture makes producing content for Ling a thrill!
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7+ Plural Urdu Words & Easy Rules

Do you find it challenging to make sense of the جمع (Jama) or plural Urdu words? As someone who is learning Urdu, it’s common to

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Punjabi Adjectives 101: An Exclusive Guide

Have you ever wanted to give details about something and kept searching in your mind for the right words but couldn’t find one? These are called tip-of-the-tongue-states.