Mondly Review: 7 Bona Fide Features With Digital Advantages

How far have digital advancements brought us? Today, many people enjoy looking at their phones to learn something new. But how about learning languages? How can Virtual Reality improve one’s English, Spanish, or Korean fluency? Let’s look at how online language learning through VR and AR works in this Mondly review.

The most crucial language learning experience for a child is interacting with peers and teachers in school. But, not everyone can learn new languages when they’re busy or simply do not have the privilege to do so. Hence, a language teaching platform today creates a massive advantage by developing free apps that learners can access whenever and wherever they are in the world.

Are you tech-savvy and want to practice your foreign speaking skills, but you’re worried about social interaction? Mondly is a great alternative for learning foreign languages at a fraction of a lower cost. What sets Mondly apart from other language apps?

Usually, language apps only focus on jamming vocabulary words and phrases that aren’t relevant for everyday conversations. Sometimes, many companies and developers neglect how speaking is an asset in building your confidence in learning a language. On the other hand, learning basic vocabulary through gamification, discovering the proper technique for different writing systems, and honing your listening skills while speaking co-exists. Mondly aims to combine all these features and more!

Curious what features Mondly can offer for you as a language enthusiast? Let’s get started!

What Is Mondly?

Mondly Logo

Mondly continues to create a buzz in the digital language app industry for using an AI Chatbot in Virtual Reality. It garnered awards from Apple App Store as Best New App and Google Play store as Editor’s Choice. But where did it all start?

Years of hard work and research have led Alexandru Iliescu and Tudor Iliescu to create Mondly at the end of 2014. They aim to hone technology and innovation as learning tools for the future. Learning languages fast via traditional rules and textbooks is nearly impossible to accomplish in just one year. But, Mondly establishes itself with the inductive method of learning: do by example and actions and think directly in that language.

With a speech recognition tool, it combines language courses with an app that surpasses what usual language resources can do. Language learners only need 5 to 10 minutes of using the app to master a new language.

Not to mention, Mondly is the world’s first EdTech company that developed Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to explore possibilities of visual-spatial learning. There are many language programs today that strive to be the best out there. But nothing beats Mondly for its continuous support in making language innovative and technology-driven.

What Is It For? A leading language learning app that uses AR and VR technologies as a solidified digital language learning landscape.

Languages Offered: A Total of 41 Mondly languages are available as of this writing.

Mondly Languages

GreekEnglish (British)English (American) ArabicCzechSpanish Afrikaans
BulgarianTurkishUkrainianPersianHungarianFrench Croatian

Level: Beginner Intermediate and Advanced


  • Track how you’re progressing
  • Choose which lessons to start first
  • A challenging learning experience
  • Learn multiple languages simultaneously


  • Create lessons for intermediate and advanced learners
  • Not a lot of detailed grammar lessons
  • Sentence examples are too formal
  • Limited topics for the free version

Who Is Mondly For? For beginners and language learners that want an app that covers all language skills using updated technological advancements.

How Does Mondly Work?

You can start learning a language with Mondly immediately with a free account. Several learning paths are accessible from the Mondly app or the Mondly desktop version. An introduction prompts you to choose which topics you’re keen to focus on. Choose from Romance, Friends, Family, Travel, School, and more! Its technology for learners to adapt is what sets Mondly apart from other language platforms.

Training our brain to memorize quickly is easy to develop once we’ve picked a suitable learning method.But, you don’t need extensive research with other language learning apps as Mondly applies a unique spaced repetition system in all their lessons. After every lesson, you’ll review words and phrases by either filling in the blanks or writing the alphabet using Latin or the native language.

Also, you will get daily reminders for your lessons as notifications. Just set them to appear at a convenient time, and you’ll have a reliable study pattern. As you enjoy your language learning journey, Mondly keeps you informed of how well you have maintained your daily study routine using a progress tracker.
Lastly, motivation is the key to improving your language levels. You can participate or just enjoy your lessons at your own pace.

Mondly Design And Interface: How Does It Look Like?

Mondly Review Desktop version

Traveling is a great way to explore the world with different cultures and food, and it will show you how to speak to a local. After opening the user interface, you’ll encounter a map that makes you feel like you’re having a vacation online. The map has points of interest with topics ranging from fruits, basic hotel booking phrases, parts of the body, and grammar.

You can easily access what you want to do when you open the app. Mondly lets you scroll the lessons by dragging the screen from left to right and vice versa. You’ll feel no difference when using the desktop or app version, except apps are versatile when using it on the go. Both the desktop and app versions also contain the tabs for Categories, Lessons, Statistics, Leaderboard, Settings, and the Shop to buy Mondly Premium.

7 Technology-Driven Mondly Features That You’ll Surely Love

Mondly Features Speaking And Writing

A language learning experience with digital advancements offers endless opportunities to teach languages differently. Mondly alternatives such as Duolingo, Quizlet, and Busuu promote flashcards for vocabulary words. Of course, language courses need an excellent learning system for learners to keep on, and that’s why Mondly gained 4.8 stars on Apple Store and 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store.

Let’s learn more unique features that will encourage you to sign up for the language platform in this exhaustive Mondly review.

Daily Lessons, Monthly Challenges, and Weekly Quizzes

Like many other language apps, Mondly prefers short yet frequent lessons. The platform provides a “daily lesson” for you, which includes sentences and new vocabulary so you can learn cohesively. At the end of every Mondly lesson, you can run down everything you learn.

Are you done for the week? Test yourself with the weekly quiz and see how you’re fairing with people from your country and worldwide. If you feel very competitive with your ranking, you can even participate in monthly challenges so you’ll rank higher on the leaderboards.

Switch The App To Latin Alphabet, Your Target Language, Or Your Mother Tongue

Mondly also allows you to learn lessons by switching languages inside the apps’ settings. Want to learn Romanian? Change the opțiune (option in Romanianby clicking your profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen and then click on Select your language or Edit. From there, you can choose what your native language is and which new language you are learning.

This feature is practical if you want to be familiar with words and phrases in that target language you’re learning. If you want to understand the writing system of your target language, you can switch the lessons’ language from the native language you’re learning to the Latin alphabet.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality In Action: Mondly VR and Mondly AR

Mondly Virtual Reality Feature

Have you ever thought of artificial intelligence (AI) teaching you how to speak French? Mondly released the world’s first-ever augmented reality learning path available for both kids and adults. Bridging the connection between AI and human capabilities, Mondly unleashes the confidence that most people are missing out. If you’re anxious about talking in an ample space like physical language classes, you can use Mondly’s digital environment to learn instead.

You can use your VR headset (Oculus VR headset or anything compatible with Steam) to explore and immerse in real conversations. Augmented Reality allows you to talk to an AI chatbot in real time and feel like you’re conversing with a native speaker. You can even see their facial gestures, similar to how the locals really talk. Through the eyes of Mondly, you’ll get instant feedback on your pronunciation with dynamic dialogues from the chatbot.

English Language Tests From Oxford

Is English your dream language to conquer? If so, you can take advantage of Mondly to learn English. You’ll have an all-exclusive Oxford English language test in collaboration with Mondly to strengthen your English skills. The Oxford English progress tests include 108 English tests with grammar and vocabulary tips. The tests align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is perfect for beginners or seasoned learners. Master verb tenses, word orders, adjectives, and spelling at your fingertips with Mondly’s Oxford module.

Interactive AI chatbot

Mondly AI Chatbot

Another extraordinary feature of Mondly lessons is the interactive AI chatbot, giving you a chance to put the language you’re learning into practice. Mondly is not solely an AR app nor a VR app. But, you’ll have a distinct feature to speak to a chatbot instantly. Simply choose which lessons you’ll start with. Then, you can go for the suggestions and make up your answers. Mondly has a voice recognition tool for different languages that checks if your answers are correct.

Learn Languages Professionally With Mondly For Business

Expansions in business are not a new concept. Today, many fluent English speakers and business owners feel the competitive edge of a team that speaks Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, or Korean. Mondly for Business, also known as MondlyWorks, is the right solution for your dream. You’ll not run out of lessons to learn from this language app as there are 1056 language courses and counting! Attract potential deals and boost your sales when you know all the languages your clients speak.

Mondly Kids: Learn Languages At A Young Age

Mondly lessons are not exclusive to adults! You can recommend Mondly for families that want their children to explore the world, its differences, and the beauty of learning a new language. Mondly Kids is a mind-boggling foundation for your kids’ future by supporting their cognitive development. With an early appreciation for other countries’ cultures, you’ll open better opportunities for their dreams.

If you’re buying Mondly For Business, you’ll get Mondly Kids free. That’s a fantastic deal for both parents and children to divulge in learning different languages.

How Much Does Mondly Cost?

What can you unlock with the Mondly Free version compared to the Mondly Premium subscription? If you’re excited to use the Mondly app, here’s what to expect with the prices before signing up.

What You’ll Unlock In Free Version Of Mondly Language Learning

Is Mondly free? Yes and No. Users can access the first six lessons, including exercises for conversational skills and essential phrases. You can also access the progress tracker and compete with others for the leaderboards. However, if you want to explore more topics and skip specific courses for jobs, travel, and friends, you need to buy any subscription plans.

Mondly Premium Subscription Prices

Mondly Premium Price

While Mondly seems like a freemium service, many remarkable features are still behind a paywall. The reason behind this is that Mondly costs relatively cheaper than other apps. For $9.99 per month or $47.99 per year, you can access unlimited language lessons and pick which topic interests you. Aficionados of virtual and augmented reality learning will gladly utilize Mondly since it’s part of the premium services.

As mentioned, you can also ask for a customized and tailor-fit quotation if you’re learning with Mondly as a company. Simply get in touch with their sales team to find the right solution for your bespoke needs.

Why You Should Start Learning With Mondly: Pros

Choose which lessons to start first

Mondly lessons and courses

You’ll always learn the typical “Hellos” and “My name is_” in many language apps. But if you subscribed to Mondly Premium, you can skip ahead to other lessons to get a glimpse of what you’ll learn.

Track How You’re Progressing

Mondly Progress Tracking Feature

Serious language learners want to track how their daily lessons make them one step closer to fluency. Even better, you’ll learn languages through an immersive digital journey that shows which words you’ve finished learning. You can also set a schedule to plan how many minutes or hours you’ll dedicate to the app.

A not-so spoon-fed learning experience

The challenge in learning any skill right now is how users can pick up the technology fast. Mondly promotes intuitive study, which helps natural language acquisition. So, if you’re into challenges, the app does wonders on the know-how down to confusing sentences. Beginners need not worry; the app is for people who are learning languages for the first time.

Choose to learn multiple languages at the same time

Being proficient in languages is beneficial, particularly if your native language comes from the same branch of language groups. Native speakers of Dutch often study Afrikaans or German. Switch languages seamlessly with Mondly and learn multiple languages simultaneously. You can be the next multilingual genius!

Room For Improvement On Mondly: Cons

Missing lessons for intermediate and advanced learners

A crucial part of this Mondly review is a language app’s usability for all language levels. Sadly, Mondly falls short of diversity in its language lessons. Many users feel the lack of suitable grammar topics, appropriate lessons, and vocabulary for people that speak the B2 to C2 level.

Consequently, beginners who want to find daily lessons in the intermediate to advanced levels must use another app to supplement these missing vital factors.

Not a lot of detailed grammar lessons

Despite the technology that can easily dive into Mondly apps, it lacks one of the most crucial parts of learning, extensive grammar tips. We would love to see more detailed grammar exercises that explain cases, teach past tense structures and clarify rules on changing noun endings. However, you can still learn some grammar lessons if you’re in the A1 to B1 level.

Some Languages Use The Formal Way Of Speaking

I’ve tried doing language lessons in Japanese, Arabic, and Korean, and some of the exercises were in the formal or polite form. Although the correct answer can be formal or informal, native speakers would love to talk with you naturally. Learning the formal way of speaking may feel awkward and will not attract more friends. You don’t want that, do you?

Limited Topics for the free version

As you’re only able to learn one topic per lesson, you may have to look for alternative apps that contain speaking skills, writing exercises, reading comprehension quizzes, and audio files for listening. You can only access the rest of the topics if you have the monthly or annual subscription for the Mondly Premium version.

The Future Of Mondly

In the past, learners found it difficult to travel and learn a new language. You’ll have to find the nearest library, hope your favorite book is still available, and rent it for a day or so. People faced limitations on traveling long distances just to meet people and friends from all over the world.

Virtual Reality has already shaped many technologies. From catching tiny little monsters to altering faces through filters, there’s no stopping now! As they aim to be the leading platform for digital learning, the Mondly team regularly updates its app with tons of new content. They’re not sleeping at the wheel, that’s for sure. So if you’re excited about learning your target language with AR and VR, you’ll have to download Mondly to know what the fun is all about.

Of course, beginners may feel overwhelmed with using complex apps. There’s another language learning app that will simplify all your daily lessons with a handy all-in-one app. Interested? Read on to learn more!

Don’t Know Where To Start? Get Maximum Results With Ling!

Mondly Review By Ling app

Although other language programs like Mondly claim to be cheap while including features that will boost your language practice, you’ll have to find Mondly alternatives. Choose the best language app with tons of vocabulary, words, and phrases from over 200 topics. With Ling, you’ll get all the engaging lessons with grammar rules to ace your language skills and more! It also has speech recognition software where you can listen to the audio of a native speaker and repeat those phrases out loud.

While enjoying your language lessons, why not download the Ling app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to learn more vocabulary lessons? You can also learn intermediate or advanced lessons that simulate real conversations. Don’t stop with your new language because you can’t find the perfect app. Ling is the best guide in your language journey and beyond!

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