Top 10 Delicious Polish Foods You Need To Try

If you’re planning on traveling to Poland soon, then you’re in for a real treat! Polish foods or żywność are definitely one of the most delicious ones in Europe especially when we talk about flavor and texture. Not to mention, the cooking technique of the Poles is just truly extraordinary!

If you want to learn Polish while discovering some of the most recommended dishes to try out, all you have to do is scroll down!

What Is Polish Food?

First of all, in case you don’t know, Polish food refers to unique selections of dishes from Poland. In general, Polish cuisine is rich in meat, especially pork and chicken, and utilizes a wide range of Polish vegetables, spices, and other herbs. You can also find noodles and grains in many traditional Polish recipes.

When it comes to its characteristics, Polish food is different in the sense that most of the dishes are spicy and aromatic and use a lot of seasonings. When you order at a restaurant, you’ll be surprised how big the portions are and how skillfully chefs can make mismatched ingredients work well together.

10 Polish Dishes You Have To Try!

We hope you’re not hungry because we’re about to go over the top 10 Polish foods you must try either the next time you visit Poland or at your local Polish restaurants! However, if you’re really feeling in the mood, we’ve also listed the ingredients of each dish so that you can make these dishes in your own kitchen!

polish foods

Dish #1: Pieróg

Now, we’re certain that you’ve heard of these, otherwise known as Polish dumplings! This thinly rolled out dough is usually filled with either minced meat or a sweet filling, like yummy cranberry jam, before being boiled in water and then pan-fried immediately before serving. Whether you like your pierógs savory or sweet, we’re sure you’ll be addicted either way.

Dough Ingredients: Flour, eggs, water, powdered sugar (as a dessert)

Dish #2: Gołąbki

Also known as cabbage rolls, this appetizer is sure to get your mouth watering. Gołąbki are made with boiled stuffed cabbage leaves of minced pork or beef, chopped onions, and rice or barley. These Polish cabbage rolls are typically served during the holiday season, such as a Christmas Eve meal, Polish New Year, or on other festive occasions, like weddings.

Ingredients: Fresh cabbage, beef, pork, onions, rice

Dish #3: Rosół

Rosół is one of the most traditional comfort food eaten in most Polish households, where most families have their own beloved family recipe for this delicious chicken noodle soup. This traditional Polish chicken soup is made up primarily of fresh chicken stock/broth and is commonly served with capellini pasta.

Ingredients: Chicken, carrots, parsley roots, celery roots, onions, leeks, cabbage, parsley, black peppercorns, cloves, bay leaves, salt

Dish #4: Kotlet Schabowy

polish foods

Kotlet schabowy is the Polish version of breaded pork cutlets. Sounds delicious, right? If you’re not familiar with this type of dish, it’s similar to that of a Viennese schnitzel or Italian Cotoletta, only the Polish version is made with either a loin or pork chop. When ordered from a restaurant, it is usually served with boiled potatoes or pickled cucumbers.

Ingredients: Pork/chicken/turkey, eggs, oil, bread crumbs, flour, various spices

Dish #5: Kiełbasa

In short, kiełbasa is basically a Polish sausage. It can be made with any type of meat and can be either a main dish or a side dish in Polish dishes. But, one thing is for sure, it’s definitely a staple of Polish cuisine!

Ingredients: Sausage (any type of meat)

Dish #6: Bigos

Referred to in English as hunter’s stew, Bigos is another traditional Polish dish. The dish mainly consists of chopped meat stewed with sauerkraut and shredded fresh cabbage. Some people serve various vegetables or a glass of wine alongside the stew.

Ingredients: Various meats, sauerkraut, cabbage

Dish #7: Borscht

polish foods

Borscht is one of the best Polish soups you’ll find in the country. It is commonly found in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia, but it actually has roots in Ukraine. Interesting, right? The soup is primarily made from red beetroot, which is what gives the soup its distinctive red color.

Ingredients: Beetroot

Dish #8: Placki Ziemniaczane

If you’ve never heard of these authentic Polish potato pancakes, then you’re missing out! This is one of the most delicious dishes in all of the Polish cuisine. Made from leftover mashed potatoes, these are a great option if you don’t know what to cook for dinner. For even more flavor, you can serve these with some sour cream. I don’t know about you, but this dish can make me think of love words and phrases in Polish, and I can’t still describe this simple yet really satisfying meal!

Ingredients: Potatoes, flour, eggs, salt, fried onions (garnish), sour cream (optional topping)

Dish #9: Zapiekanki

Otherwise known as the Polish version of pizza or a Polish open-faced sandwich, this is a go-to meal that will leave you both full and satisfied. Considered to be Polish street food, this dish is similar to a hot dog, but with meat instead of mushrooms! Healthy and delicious!

Ingredients: Baguette, mushrooms, unsalted butter, Polish cheese, ketchup, scallions, salt, pepper

Dish #10: Krokiety

polish foods

Otherwise referred to as Polish croquettes, this is definitely a favorite dish amongst many Polish people. This traditional dish consists of a thin dough stuffed with sauerkraut and mushrooms, breaded, and then pan-fried before serving.

Dough Ingredients: Flour, milk, eggs, butter, salt, pepper, breadcrumbs

Filling Ingredients: Sauerkraut, mushrooms, bay leaves, onions, caraway seeds, salt, pepper

If you don’t love Polish food by now, then we don’t know what to say! Even if you’ve never tried Polish food, we’ve just shared with you some of the best Polish foods you can find. So, make sure to go out and try this delicious food!

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