50+ Romantic Polish Love Words and Phrases To Remember

Do you have a Polish lover you want to impress by speaking romantic Polish love words and phrases? Everyone likes a little romance, so we understand where you’re coming from. We want you to learn Polish and remember these Polish love phrases so that you can continue to wow your Polish partner for as long as you’re together!

The Polish language shouldn’t be too difficult to learn with some time and effort. But, if you’re only interested in impressing your Polish girlfriend or a certain Polish man whom you’ve been going on dates with, then we suggest you learn how to introduce yourself and some romantic Polish words. In this case, there’s no need to get stressed by grammar and the more complex aspects of the language!

So, we’re here to teach you 50+ romantic polish love words and phrases to help you express your true feelings to Polish people better! Let’s begin!

What You Should Know About Polish

Polish Love Words and Phrases

Before you learn the romantic Polish terms, you should know a little about the background of Polish. After all, you should want to impress the Polish person you’re going out with by knowing about their language and the Polish culture.

As a West Slavic Language, Polish is considered one of the most challenging languages to learn. If you’re interested in Polish, you might want to consider learning other West Slavic languages, including Czech, Slovak, Kashubian, Upper Sorbian, and Lower Sorbian.

If your native language uses the Latin alphabet, then you’re in luck because Polish does too! The Polish alphabet consists of 32 letters.

Of course, there’s so much more to know about the structure of the Polish language, but we want to make sure that you’re able to learn the romantic Polish love words and phrases! If you want to find out more, there’s an excellent free language blog you can check out for additional resources!

Where Is Polish Used?

Polish Love Words and Phrases

As you probably already know, Polish is mainly spoken in Poland. We’ve provided a few quick facts to know about Poland below.

  • Location: Central Europe
  • Borders: Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Germany.
  • Capital: Warsaw
  • Population: 38 million (approximately)
  • Currency: złoty ($1.oo = 4.44 Polish Złotych)

Whether you want to learn a new language to sharpen your memory, visit Poland on your next vacation, or impress Polish women, it’s always good to know about the country whose language you’re learning. Doing so will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the language.

Now, let’s move on to the Polish love words and phrases!

Polish Love Words And Phrases To Know By Heart

Polish Love Words and Phrases

If you have deep feelings for your Polish partner, then you need to know how to say I love you in Polish. To make it easier for you to learn, we’ve separated this phrase from the others.

I love you.kocham cię

Here are the rest of the Polish love words and phrases you need to know!

Are you free this weekend?czy jesteś wolny w ten weekend
Can I kiss you?czy mogę cię pocałować
Do you love me?kochasz mnie
Do you miss me?tęsknisz za mną
Give me a kiss.kochasz mnie
Honeymoonmiesiąc miodowy
I adore you.uwielbiam cię
I always think of you.zawsze myślę o tobie
I have a crush on you.podobasz mi się
I like you.lubię cię
I miss you.tęsknię za tobą
I really like you.naprawdę cię lubię
I really love you.naprawdę cię kocham
I want to express my feelings…chcę wyrazić moje uczucia
I want to grow old with you.chcę się z tobą zestarzeć
I want to marry you.chcę cię poślubić
I want to see you.chcę cię zobaczyć
I will call you.zadzwonię do ciebie
Let me be the one.przytul mnie
Let’s get married.pobierzmy się
My lovemoja miłość
We’re meant to be together.jesteśmy sobie przeznaczeni
When can I see you again?kiedy mogę cię znów zobaczyć
Will you be my boyfriend?będziesz moim chłopakiem
Will you be my girlfriend?będziesz moją dziewczyną
Will you marry me?wyjdziesz za mnie
Will you move in with me?zamieszkasz ze mną
Would you like to go on a date with me?chciałbyś pójść ze mną na randkę
You are a beautiful woman.jesteś piękną kobietą
You are a good kisser.dobrze całujesz
You are my everything.jesteś dla mnie wszystkim
You are so beautiful.jesteś piękna
You are so handsome.jesteś taki przystojny
You are so special to me.jesteś dla mnie wyjątkowy
You are so sweet.jesteś taki słodki
You make me so happy.uszczęśliwiasz mnie
Your wish is my command.masz ładne oczy

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Polish Love Words and Phrases

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