45+ Adorable Ways To Say Beautiful In Slovenian


Every person’s definition of beauty might differ, but their words to describe it stay more or less the same. If you go to Slovenia, we bet you’ll come across some splendid scenery and people to call beautiful. It would be sad if you consider someone/something admirable, but you don’t have the right words to express your feelings.

That’s why we brought this article to help you learn Slovenian words that you can use to say beautiful. The most common word for beautiful in Slovenian is Lep, meaning gorgeous, but there are other words/ways, too. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the essential Slovenian words for beautiful in Slovenian.


What Is Beautiful In Slovenian?

Do you want to confess your feelings to your crush without having a zero margin of error? Telling someone they are beautiful is not always as sweet as it may sound, especially if you say that in another language.

A Slovenian person might get offended if you call someone beautiful without pertinent cultural information. To save you from the hassle, here are some common words you can learn and use in everyday conversation without sounding awkward.


Lep means ‘gorgeous. The word lep serves as a basis for many other words meaning beautiful.

The word lep is used for men/males. To say ‘He’s beautiful, you can say Lep je. To say ‘She’s gorgeous, you need to say Lepa si. Let’s say you are calling a thing attractive. You can say Prelepo je meaning “it’s beautiful.”

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Krasen is a pretty whippy, slang word used to glorify any person, place, or thing, meaning ‘lovely’ in English.

For example, if you have visited Lake Bled (an incredibly pretty alpine resort in Slovenia and one of the most beautiful places in the country), you can use krasen to describe its beauty. Or if you met a Slovenian girl and have had a lovely experience hanging out with her for the whole day, you can use this word to justify your feelings. Or, if you are just enjoying your day and can’t even bother to look at the time, then you can use krasen too!


Seksi is another Slovenian word Seksi. If you look at someone and can’t get your eyes off them, they may be beautiful and sexy. As this word might be misunderstood, we suggest you use it only with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Even in that, it’s advised to wait for their reaction to see if they are okay with you calling them seksi.

These are some words that you can use to say beautiful in Slovenia. But if you are not a native speaker, you might need proper phrases to compliment somebody.


Three Useful Phrases To Remember For Beautiful In Slovenian

Here, we are going to provide you with a few Slovenian phrases along with their English translations, which would prove a good solution for you guys!

Dobro Izgledaš

Imagine you meet a beautiful person; what will you say? You can say Dobro izgledaš, meaning ‘you are good-lookingDobro means good, while izgledaš is used for ‘you look.

Ti Si čudovit

If you want to tell someone that ‘you are gorgeous, feel free to say Ti si čudovit. This will literally make the other person’s day.

Moj Najdražji

This is the best way to address your partner in Slovenian. It is used to refer to each other in a love relationshipMoj najdražji is an expression of beauty meaning “my dearest” and is used worldwide. For example, if you are on a date with your Slovenian girlfriend, you can address her with this word, and it would be a good surprise.


What Are The Most Beautiful Places In Slovenia?

Planning to travel to Slovenia? Some of the most beautiful places in Slovenia are Ljubljana Castle, Dragon Bridge, Lake Bohinj, Predjama Castle, and the Julian Alps. The beauty of the Soca River Valley is unmatchable. You can see many beautiful animals in Triglav National Park.

List Of Useful Phrases In Slovenian

He’s so hot!Tako vroč je!
I adore you, my dear!Obožujem te, draga moja!
I can’t look away from you!Ne morem odmakniti pogleda od tebe!
I like how you look tonight!Všeč mi je, kako izgledaš nocoj!
I like your new outlook.Všeč mi je tvoja nova podoba.
I love you so much!Ljubim te močno!
It’s like listening to angels sing when I watch you!Kot bi poslušal petje angelov, ko te gledam!
I’m blinded by your stunning beauty!Zaslepljen sem od tvoje osupljive lepote!
My heart melts with your beauty!Moje srce se topi od tvoje lepote!
Nobody has ever been as gorgeous as you, never!Nihče še nikoli ni bil tako čudovit kot ti, nikoli!
She is quite lovely!Prav ljubka je!
She is such an angel!Ona je tak angel!
What a lovely face you’ve got.Kako lep obraz imaš.
You are gold on the inside and out!Zlati ste od znotraj in zunaj!
You are incredibly attractive!Neverjetno ste privlačni!
You are really cute!Res si srčkan!
You are the most beautiful girl in the world, I can bet on that.Ti si najlepše dekle na svetu, lahko stavim na to.
You are very stunning!Zelo ste osupljivi!
You have very smooth skin!Imaš zelo gladko kožo!
You look fantastic!Izgledaš fantastično!
You look great!Izgledaš odlično!
You still have a lovely appearance!Še vedno imaš čudovit videz!
Your beauty is unmatched.Tvoji lepoti ni para.

Wrapping Up

Slovenia is not just a place with beautiful destinations to visit, but also has a language full of beautiful words to describe your feelings of admiration for someone and something. This article gave you a glimpse into how you can say beautiful in Slovenian like a real pro. Did you enjoy it? If you did, then you got to try the Ling app!

On the Ling app, you can learn new words daily to enhance your skills in Slovenian and 60+ other languages. From flashcards to quizzes and games, we aim to help you master your target language in every way possible.

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