Slovenian Dating Words: 20+ Romantic Phrases

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Do you want to date a Slovenian but are unsure about speaking their language? Well, today’s the perfect day to start learning these sweet and romantic Slovenian dating words and phrases.

Slovenia is a stunning country that can capture your heart with its beauty. Alongside its breathtaking landscapes and rich culture, it’s home to wonderful people. So, if you’re thinking about dating a Slovenian, it’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with basic dating words and phrases in their native Slovenian language.

Slovenian Relationship Vocabulary

When you start dating a Slovenian, learning their native language can be incredibly useful. While many of them speak basic English, using Slovenian romantic phrases can make them feel special and ignite a sense of excitement. It also shows genuine interest in their culture and language, which will only strengthen your bond! So, let’s explore some romantic Slovenian language phrases!

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Basic Slovenian Dating Words To Break The Ice

Breaking the ice is the first step to building a connection. Here are some friendly basic relationship phrases to kick-start conversations effortlessly. From asking about their day to sharing interests and favorite pastimes, these icebreakers make it easy to dive into meaningful chats.

How are you?Kako si?
My name is…Moje ime je…
Nice to meet you.Lepo te je spoznati.
What’s your favorite food?Katera je tvoja najljubša hrana?
What do you like to do in your free time?Kaj rad/a počneš v prostem času?
Do you have any hobbies?Ali imaš kakšen hobi?
What’s your favorite movie?Kateri je tvoj najljubši film?
Do you like to travel?Rad/a potuješ?

How To Say What You’re Feeling

It really matters how you express yourself while dating, as it’s all about those special moments when you make a connection and sparks start flying. It can be thrilling and full of emotions, but communication is important when you’re with that someone special. So, here are some simple English phrases to help you express your feelings, along with their Slovenian translations:

I like you.Všeč si mi.
You mean a lot to me.Veliko mi pomeniš.
I feel good with you.S tabo se počutim dobro.
I want to see you.Želim te videti.
I’m happy with you.S tabo sem srečen/srečna.
I’m excited about our date.Veselim se najinega zmenka.
I enjoy your company.Uživam v tvoji družbi.
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Compliments And Terms Of Endearment

Ready for some romantic expressions and endearing terms that will leave your date feeling giddy with joy? Imagine the flutter of butterflies in your stomach as you exchange heartfelt compliments and tender words of affection.

You’re beautifulLep/a si
My loveMoja ljubezen
You are gorgeousČudovit/a si
I adore youObožujem te
My everythingMoje vse

Planning Dates

Planning a date for that special someone? To avoid language barriers, here’s some Slovenian relationship vocab for when you want to invite someone out:

Let’s go for a walkPojdiva na sprehod
Dinner reservationRezervacija za večerjo
Movie nightVečer s filmom
Picnic in the parkPiknik v parku
Let’s go to the cinemaGreva v kino.
Shall we grab a coffee?Greva na kavo?
Concert ticketsVstopnice za koncert
Weekend getawayVikend oddih
Let’s explore the cityRaziščiva mesto
Wine tastingDegustacija vin
Watching a sunsetOpazovanje sončnega zahoda
Star-gazingOpazovanje zvezd

Serious Relationship Phrases

If you’ve already built a passionate relationship, you should learn the following Slovenian language phrases to express your love to your significant other:

I love youLjubim te
I like you a lotRad te imam
Will you marry me?Bi se poročila z mano?
You mean everything to mePomeniš mi vse
You make me happyZaradi tebe sem srečen/srečna
I can’t imagine my life without youNe morem si predstavljati življenja brez tebe
You’re my soulmateSi moja sorodna duša
I’m grateful for you every dayVsak dan sem hvaležen/hvaležna zate
I want to grow old with youŽelim se postarati s teboj
Together, we can conquer anythingSkupaj lahko premagava vse

Slovenian Dating Customs

Now that you know all the ways to make someone you like grin from ear to ear, you should remember some basic Slovenian dating customs:

  1. Don’t worry about dressing fancy, as Slovenians are laid-back and prefer casual vibes.
  2. Your date might take place outside, as Slovenians love exploring nature and hiking.
  3. Bring some flowers on your date, and make sure you offer a lot of compliments.
  4. Show your respect for Slovenian culture and traditions.
  5. Remember that Slovenian family values are super important.
  6. Be clear about your feelings, as Slovenians appreciate honesty.
  7. Keep in mind that Slovenians value clear communication and mutual admiration.
  8. Calling or texting after a date is appreciated.
  9. And last but not least, learning some Slovenian shows that you have a genuine interest in your date!
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Learn Slovenian With Ling

Building a relationship with someone from Slovenia can be really interesting. Even though you might notice differences in how you do things compared to them, it doesn’t mean your relationship won’t work out. Actually, learning about these differences can make your connection even stronger!

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