15 Colors In Slovenian: An Easy Guide

Having the ability to describe particular details like colors in Slovenian language allows one to express themselves with the locals correctly. For example, if you plan to purchase a dress, you can simply ask and say, “Želim rumeno obleko.” This ensures that the people who will hear you will not misinterpret your statement, and you’d spare yourself from costly mistakes! To help you get started, let’s start learning the names of the basic colors in this post.

Whenever one thinks of Slovenia, what we usually picture on top of our minds are the following places: Predjama castle, Bled castle, and Franja partisan hospital. The whole country may not be as popular as others, but it definitely is also the home to some of the jaw-dropping places on Earth! If you have landed on this page, perhaps you are thinking of traveling to the country to see all these attractions yourself.

But before you book your ticket and get your suitcase ready, it would be wise first to try to learn the essential words, phrases, slang, and expressions that you can use to make your travel a whole lot easier. One of the topics you can start with is learning the translation for every color in the Slovak language. Before we discuss it all, allow us to first walk you through some of the words that can further help you.

EnglishSlovenian Example Slovenian sentenceTranslation
ColoredbarvenJe to barvni papir?Is it colored paper?
ColorsbarvaBarve so super!The colors are great!
ShadesodtenekMoj najljubši odtenek je roza.My favorite hue is pink.
LightsvetelVšeč mi je svetlo zelena barva.I like the color light green. 
DarktemenNebo je temno.The sky is dark.
ClearjasenTo je prozorna plastika.It is a clear plastic. 

Now that we already know the basics, it’s time that we focus on the translation of the colors. Please review the section below.


Colors In Slovenian Language

Colors In Slovenian

If you are wondering what the correct translations for the common colors in the Slovenian language are, check out the table below and see how to use each of the words in a sentence. The best part here is that you shouldn’t worry much about superstitions regarding colors in Slovenian culture. For instance, the locals also believe the same things that are pretty common in other places, like seeing a black cat or a white butterfly.

EnglishSlovenian Example Slovenian SentenceTranslation
GreenZelenaTrava je zelena.The grass is green.
BlueModraMoja najljubša barva je modra.My favorite color is blue.
BrownRjavaDeblo drevesa je rjavo.The tree trunk is brown. 
YellowRumenaZvezde so rumene.The stars are yellow.
OrangeOranžnaOranžna barva izgleda dobro.The orange color looks good.
BlackČrnaČrna je lepa.Black is beautiful.
GraySivaImam veliko sivih las.I have a lot of gray hair.
RedRdečaRdeča izgleda seksi!Red looks sexy!
WhiteBelaSneg je belThe snow is white.
GoldZlataImam zlati prstan.I have a gold ring.
SilverSrebrnaVšeč mi je srebro.I like silver.
ScarletŠkrlatnaVijolična torba pripada njej.The purple bag belongs to her.
PinkRozaDanes je nosila roza.She was wearing pink today.
VioletVijoličnaObleka je vijolična.The dress is violet. 
CyanSinjaObožuje barvo cijan.She loves the color cyan. 


Colors Of The Flag Of Slovenia

Now that we already know the colors in the Slovenian language let’s now try to dive deep into the colors existing on the country’s national flag. Basically, the colors of their flag represent a number of characteristics related only to the country. For instance, it makes use of the traditional Pan-Slavic colors, including bands of white, red, and blue, along with the coat of arms of the country on the upper left side of the flag. The meaning of the colors are as follows:

  • White / Bela= represents the Alps
  • Blue / Modra = their rich seascapes
  • Red /Rdeča = courage and dignity



Colors in Slovenian Language

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to learn the best translations for the basic colors in the Slovene language. If you enjoyed this post, we highly recommend that you check out our previous Slovenian-language post on this website, like our list of 50+ basic words and phrases and yummy dishes that every traveler must learn.

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