#1 Best Way To Say Happy New Year In Polish

Do you want to spend this holiday season in Poland? Poland is a beautiful country to visit for vacation or to live long-term, but your travels will be even better if you learn Polish beforehand, that way you can talk to locals! And, of course, if you’re going for the holidays, you should know how to say Happy New Year in Polish!

Learning Polish words can be a bit difficult to learn at first, but, like any language, all it requires is time and effort. If you do that, you can be fluent in this awesome language in no time! So, if you’ve been on the fence about visiting Poland, don’t be! It might be a long journey, but Poland has a rich history, gorgeous landscapes, friendly people, and a unique language waiting for you!

How Is The New Year Celebrated In Poland?

In Poland, the Polish New Year is known as St. Silvester’s Day (Sylwester in Polish). This officially marks the start of the carnival period, which usually features exciting events like balls and parties. Many people from other countries and nationalities visit Poland for their holiday season. Another fun tradition in Poland that has been around for centuries is sleigh rides (Kulig in Polish).

Many people in Poland also celebrate New Year’s Day with dances, concerts, and traditional Polish dishes, such as hunter’s stew (bigos in Polish). Here are other frequently asked questions for Christmas in Poland.

Are There Fireworks In Poland?

Yes! You can see fireworks in many cities in Poland at midnight between December 31 and January 1. After a hearty meal of Polish food, go outside, and you can catch this amazing feat!

What’s Open On New Year’s Day In Poland?

If you happen to be in Poland on New Year’s Day, you’ll probably wonder, “what’s open?” Since New Year’s Day is a national public holiday in Poland, schools, banks, government offices, and most private businesses will be closed. If you want to eat at a restaurant or see a movie on New Year’s Day, make sure to check the opening hours of the establishment ahead of time by searching online.

happy new year in polish

Other Important Polish Holidays

If you’re planning on traveling to Poland, or if you want to set your Polish calendar, it’s good to know the dates of some of the most important holidays in the country! To make it easier for you, we’ve made a handy list below:

  • Epiphany: January 6
  • Constitution Day: May 3
  • Pentecost: June 5
  • Feast of Corpus Christi: June 16
  • Armed Forces Day: August 15
  • Feast of Assumption: August 15
  • All Saints’ Day: November 1
  • Poland Independence Day: November 11

Keep in mind that this list only includes the major holidays within Poland. We didn’t include any major Western holidays (ex., Christmas and New Year’s) since those are widely known and/or celebrated worldwide. Now, let’s go on to say Happy New Year in Polish!

How To Say Happy New Year In Polish

Happy New Yearszczęśliwego nowego roku

Now that you know how to say Happy New Year in Polish, here are some other essential Polish terms and phrases to know around the holidays in Poland!

Polish Holiday Terms

Cheerstwoje zdrowie
Midnightśrodek nocy

Polish Holiday Phrases

All the bestwszystkiego najlepszego
Happy holidayswesołych Świąt
Happy New Year’s Evewesołego sylwestra
I wish you…życzę ci…
Let’s celebrateŚwiętujmy
Merry Christmaswesołych świąt
Season’s greetingsżyczenia świąteczne
Wishing you good healthżyczę ci dobrego zdrowia
Wishing you happinessżyczę ci szczęścia
Wishing you lots of loveżyczę ci dużo miłości
What are your New Year’s resolutions?jakie są twoje postanowienia noworoczne

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