5 Best Apps For Learning German In 2022

Looking for and finding the best apps for learning German (or any language for that matter) that are worth investing your time and money into isn’t easy. That’s why we wrote this article!

Our aim here is to save you time and money by presenting our expert opinion on the 5 best language apps to use to learn German in 2022. We want to make sure you choose an app that offers the skills you are looking for. That’s actually the first step for you, the language learners, to consider; what is it exactly that you want to learn? Is it,

  • German vocabulary
  • Basic German phrases
  • A complete German course
  • German grammar
  • German pronunciation
  • Speaking German like native German speakers
  • All of the above?

Let’s investigate if learning German with an app is the right choice for you.

Pros Of Using Apps To Learn German

  • You can study at your own pace.
  • It’s fun and you can do it anywhere anytime.
  • While being fun, they’re also efficient and keep you on track.
  • They’re less expensive than a private tutor.
  • Many apps have a free version or a free trial.

Cons Of Learning The German Language With An App

  • Some apps could have a lot of grammatical errors.
  • You don’t get a real-life experience.
  • Apps for language learning aren’t quite adaptive yet meaning they won’t and can’t automatically adapt to your learning needs like a real German tutor could.

Why Learn German?

Best Apps For Learning German

Did you know German is spoken by more than 130 million people worldwide? Learning German language skills and even basic German words can help you in many places around the world.

German happens to also be very similar to Dutch and surprisingly English. Knowing English will make learning German grammar easier and knowing German will help you learn Dutch more quickly.

So let’s dive into the best German language apps. Remember, each app is good for different reasons and is not presented in any particular order.


5 Best Apps For Learning German


Best Apps For Learning German

Duolingo is the best free app to learn German vocabulary and some basic vocabulary. It’s also great for absolute beginners, however, it isn’t great for advanced learners. Duolingo also includes some listening and grammar activities and is suitable for different learning styles.

Reasons to try:

  • Fun and interactive
  • Easy to use
  • Active track of progress
  • Free app

Available on: iOS and Google Play

Pricing: Free version (In fact it’s 100% free)


Babbel has become one of the most popular apps to learn German. They promise fast results and their German course has received awards and recognition. The app is very easy to use and aims to teach you conversational German.

Reasons to try

  • Autonomy of the learning process
  • Cross-device synchronization on unlimited devices
  • Fast learning curve

Available on: iOS, Android and Mac

Pricing: 13.95$/month (1 month subscription), 9.95$/month (3 months subscription), 8.45$/month (6 months subscription) and 6.95$/month (12 months subscription)



Pimsleur recommends a more in-depth amount of study at 30 minutes a day. They include listening and speaking skills, German vocabulary, grammar, conversation and much more. They teach based on the theory of the Pimsleur method which is said to be more effective at teaching new languages. This indicates that Pimsleur is not meant for advanced learners.

Reasons to try

  • 30-minute audio lessons are very handy
  • As many as 51 languages

Available on: PC, iOS, Android, Mac and Amazon Echo

Pricing: $150 for 30 lessons or $575 for the entire German course


Do you want to specifically learn to speak German? FluentU has the goal of making you sound like a German native speaker! If your goal is to sound like a native speaker, then this is the best of the apps to learn German! However, if you’re looking for grammar or vocabulary lessons, please consider a different app.

Reasons to try

  • Very complete and proven
  • Authentic real-life video-based which is very engaging

Available on: iOS and Google Play

Pricing: 30$/month


Mondly is designed by the education group Pearson, so the interface has a gimmicky feel to it and childish look. However, the lessons are supposed to teach only real-life scenarios and give you conversational German speaking skills that are actually relevant today.

Reasons to try

  • Once in a lifetime payment
  • Small and interactive lessons

Available on: iOS and Google Play

Pricing: $9.99/month (one language), $47.99/year (one language), $89.99 lifetime access for all 41 languages.

Ling – The Best Option To Learn German Like A Pro

Learn German with Ling App CTA download Ling-

We can guarantee Ling App will help you master German in no time. It’s the most interactive language app on the market.

Ling App is a language learning application that will teach you German in a fun and interactive way, using games, quizzes, puzzles and listening and speaking activities. Also, you’ll be able to develop your writing and reading skills!

It’s important as a German language learner to develop writing skills as well. It helps to make even stronger connections in your brain and you can practice writing right on your phone!

The best part is our learning program isn’t time demanding. You can start learning German in as little as 15 minutes per day.

Furthermore, we also offer you a full blog filled with interesting topics that you can explore and learn by yourself! You can learn about how to greet people, how to say thank you, and how to count.

You can download Ling App on iOS and Google Play and have a free go!

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