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Malay And Indonesian
Malay And Indonesian – 4 Big Differences

Are Malay and Indonesian different? It is common to see Malaysians and Indonesians converse with each other using their languages: Bahasa Malaysia (used to be known as

The 5 Famous Regions Of Lithuania

Do you know that Lithuania is divided into 5 ethnographic regions? These regions of Lithuania have been formed since the 13th century. Just like in

1# Easy Guide To Animals In Lithuania

Exploring a country will never be complete without getting yourself acquainted with some of the local gyvūnai or animals that can only be seen in

The 8 Religions In Lithuania: Easy Guide

Do you know that Lithuania, amongst all European countries, is the last country to adopt Christianity? Interested to learn more interesting information regarding the religions

Colors In Lithuanian- 1# Excellent Guide

Learning the names for colors in Lithuanian is an excellent way to increase your knowledge of Lithuanian vocabulary, especially if you are new to Lithuanian. The world