Colors In Slovak: The #1 Easy Guide

colors in slovak

Having knowledge of the basic colors in Slovak allows you to describe a particular object when conversing with the locals. For instance, if you are planning to purchase a bag but you prefer the color pink, you can simply point and say “ružová taška.” It helps in a way that the native speakers get to understand what you really mean. Want to know more about the correct translations for each? Read on below.

Why Learn Slovak Now?

Slovakia is one of the top tourist destinations, especially for people chasing rich culture, amazing historical architecture, and colorful traditions. If this is the first time you hear about this country, you will be surprised just at how much it resembles the backdrop of fairytales! In fact, it has a number of huge castles and mountain ranges that will make you feel you are in a totally different world! This is also the place where you can meet and encounter unique natives who will make you fall in love with their woodcarving, hiking, pottery, and beekeeping skills!

Want to visit Slovak soon? Well, before you hop on a plane and go on your magical adventure, we highly recommend that you try to learn at least the essential Slovak vocabulary words and phrases, and expressions that you can use. While it is true that most of the population also knows how to speak English due to their media exposure, you as a traveler cannot authentically connect without using Slovak. After all, Slovak is their native language, and about 5 million people speak it and use it in everyday communication.

But we know what you are thinking… you are probably wondering if it is possible to learn Slovak and speak like a native, right? Well, worry no more because Slovak is actually a language that you can learn on your own. You just have to be consistent with your language learning plan, and we are optimistic that you can master it in no time. One lesson that you may start with is memorizing the vocabulary words for colors.

Our world is made up of colors (or farba in the Slovak language), and knowing how to translate them properly in different languages can be quite valuable in various contexts. For example, how can you differentiate the colors of the weather conditions in Slovak? You can also use colors at the salon, mall, depicting signs, and perhaps showing the gravity of something (like the difference between dark red or light red). To show the difference between shades, the locals basically use two words: svetlo (light) and tmavo (dark). Here are a few examples of how to use these:

  • svetlo modrá = light blue
  • svetlo zelená = light green
  • tmavo oranžová = dark orange
  • tmavo žltá = dark yellow


Colors In Slovak

Technically, there are 10 million colors globally, and it is impossible to give a name for every single hue and shade. With this being said, what we are going to share with you below are the basic color names that are more usually used in day-to-day interactions.

English ColorSlovak (feminine)Slovak (masculine)Slovak (neutral)
Tuquoise tyrkysovátyrkysovýtyrkysové
Colors In Slovak

So now that you understand the colors in this lesson, it’s now time for me to give you a quick test. At this point, try to describe the three colors of the Slovak flag. Ready for the answer? Yep, it’s white, blue, and red!

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you enjoyed the helpful article we had for you today. If you’d like to learn more, we highly recommend staying tuned to our website and reading our previous Skovak blog posts about the Slovak language and other exciting foreign languages.

Want to check out some of them? Apart from the Slovak flag, you should also learn more about the Slovak currency if you’re visiting for the first time.

Also, suppose you are after enhancing your Slovak vocabulary and Slovak pronunciation aside from the farba (or colors in English) words that we have shed light on here. In that case, you should continue reading below.

Ready To Know More About The Slovak Language?

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