4 Easy Ways To Say Thank You In Slovak

Eastern Europe remains an enticing and somewhat romantic region to visit. It seems mysterious and full of history. It’s also not typically on everyone’s bucket list when it should be! While visiting this region, make sure to visit Slovakia and learn how to say thank you in Slovak to always remain respectful and polite on your trip.

In Slovakia, the people speak Slovak and a few other languages too. It is one of the Slavic languages of the region and is very similar to Czech, which is spoken in the neighboring Czech Republic (Czechia). 

The pronunciation of words is very similar to Slavic languages, so once you learn one, you’ll find the other languages come easily.

Slavic languages

Other Slavic Languages Are…

As mentioned earlier, there are many Slavic languages in Slovakia, so you’d expect that there are other spoken languages in Slovakia too. Here are a few of them:

  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Croatian
  • Bosnian

How To Learn Slovak?

Learning any of the Slavic languages is a bit like learning French. Once you learn it, you can easily pick up another similarly structured language more quickly. Many of the words and phrases in the Slovak language have similar pronunciations and heavy accents on the first syllable.

The best way to pick up Slovak quickly is through lots of practice with a language app. We recommend Ling App, which has a built-in English Slovak Dictionary, games, quizzes, and more! With our interactive interface and fun learning features, you’ll speak Slovak words and phrases in just a few minutes of practice daily!

Meanwhile, let’s look at the Slovak culture and find out what sorts of pleasantries are expected of you when visiting. You can also learn ways of greeting people in Slovak too.


The Slovakian Culture

How to say thank you in Slovak

One thing you need to know about eastern European societies is that they value privacy. This is no different in Slovakia. That doesn’t mean they aren’t polite. However, it may appear so at first. It takes a while for people to open up to others here.

At first, when you meet a Slovak, they will seem formal, aloof, and reserved. You won’t find them greeting you with a smile, and they may not even acknowledge your greeting or thank you. The people of this region are not overly expressive or emotional until you get to know them.

It takes assurance that a relationship is being formed before they will open up and let you in.

Before getting to know someone, you should never address a Slovakian by their first name. Instead, people are addressed by their honorific titles. For example, you might say, “Thank you, Mr. (surname),” or “How are you today Mrs. (surname)?”

Only close friends and Slovakian family refer to each other by their first names, and if you’re an outsider, you must wait to be invited by a person to call them by their first name.

So, as a suggestion, be mindful of this when thanking someone in Slovak.


How To Say Thank You In The Slovak Language

thank you in Slovak

There are only four ways to say thank you in the Slovak language. Like many languages, Slovaks have formal and informal ways of wishing people thanks. The pronunciation of consonants in the Slovak alphabet is quite a bit different from English. For example, it’s a suggestion to memorize that the ‘d’ sound often makes a ‘j’ sound.

You’ll see what we mean!

Here is the first way to say thank you in Slovakia:

  1. Thanks – Ďakujem (ja-qwee-em)

This is an informal way of wishing thanks and is the most often used throughout Slovakia.

  1. Thank you – Ďakujem (ti ja-qwee-em-chi)

This is another informal version of thank you, although it isn’t as widely a used word as simply saying Ďakujem.

  1. Thank you – Ďakujem (vám ja-qwee-em-vaam)

You would use this version of thank you in Slovak when speaking to more than one person, so to a group of two or more people. It’s also a formal way of saying thank you.

  1. Good day – Dobrý deň (do-bre-jenn)

While this might not appear to be a way to say thanks, it is! With a nod and a dobrý deň, you are indicating a thank you in passing. For example, you could use this phrase if someone holds a door open for you or when purchasing your morning coffee or tea.

As for how these words are pronounced, you should emphasize the first syllable of each word to sound like a native speaker.

Thank You (Ďakujem) For Reading Today’s Blog Post!

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Why You Should Learn Slovak Right Now

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