10 Best Estonian Food That You Don’t Want To Miss

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 07:46 am

If you are on the lookout for the best Estonian food to try on your next trip to Estonia? Get to know more about the intricacies of Estonian cuisine in today’s exclusive guide. Let’s get started!


The Estonian Cuisine And Culture

Since this country doesn’t have a big population, preserving its castles and buildings made this place endearing and very picturesque. However, the country still has a lot to offer.

Situated between Finland, Russia, and other Nordic regions, this makes the country a hotspot not just for scenic places that make it a very beautiful country but also for culturally rich meals.

Estonia is home to various traditional dishes that pay tribute to traditional Estonian cuisine. It is also greatly influenced by its neighboring countries like Germany and Russia. Their dishes are made from fresh produce and local ingredients and go through thorough processes that make these Estonian dishes very hearty and delicious.

Estonian Food

In Estonia’s culture, most Estonians lean more towards meat and potatoes. Having said that, it is inevitable that the majority of their food makes use of these ingredients. If not these ingredients, they love to eat cold cuts and bread. Porridges are also a staple when it comes to their local food. If they can, it is one dish that they always would consume along with other Estonian food like Black Bread, Smoked Meat, and Estonian Cheese.

Traditional Estonian food is very diverse and is the root of the modern Estonian kitchen and many restaurants that continue to thrive and influence other countries, especially in Eastern European countries.


Estonian Food: 10 Dishes That You Don’t Want To Miss Out

From simple dishes to small pastries and meals that are for festive occasions, if you want a list of the meals that should be on your next Estonian food tour, then you might want to keep on reading! After all, what better way to learn about a country and its language than through its range of delicacies, right?


Known to many as the Estonian potato salad, this is one of Estonia’s staple dishes. Seasoned with mayonnaise and sour cream, this is your go-to healthy snack! If you want to add more good stuff, like cucumber, carrots, and hard-boiled eggs, or even pair it with apples, you may do so. Always remember that it is just a matter of preference!

Rye Bread

Another Estonian staple, this bread is deeply rooted in their culture. Rye bread is also seen as their national bread with how it has existed even way back. You can enjoy this food in several ways, like making bread soup or pairing it with delicious meat but always remember that it is best served warm and the crust is crisped to perfection. It is one food that you can pair with any meal when you are visiting Estonia.


If you are looking for the perfect Estonian dessert, Kohupiimakreem is an essential food to try out. This is an Estonian milk curd dessert that is very creamy, appetizing, and would make you want to sit down and eat it for hours. It is made up of curd, which is from sugar and milk. This makes Kohupiimakreem very tasty and even fun to eat. Not only that, but this is best paired with seasonal berries to contrast the sweetness of the dessert. If you are looking for something that isn’t savory, you should try this! It is the perfect curd snack for you and your taste buds.

Mulgi Puder

Because Estonians are lovers of meat and potatoes, their dishes mainly revolve around just that. Mulgi Puder originated from Southern Estonia and is one of the Traditional Estonian dishes still popular today. It is boiled potatoes that are then made to be mashed potatoes which are then incorporated with barley. It is also usually served with rye bread to complement the dish. Usually served as the main dish, you can also pair this with different types of meat that fit your liking.


Deemed to be one of the oldest forms of Estonian desserts, this confectionery comprises almonds and sugar. Rich in almond flavor, this dessert is famous in Estonia and even in Germany. Not only is this very easy to make, but it comes in very handy, especially on special occasions as well.


Kiluvõileib is also known to many as a sprat sandwich. Made up of rye bread and marinated sprat fillet from the Baltic sea, this dish is a nutritious sandwich that is open-faced. The bread topped off with butter, boiled egg, seasoning, fresh herbs, and onions are very popular and easy to make. If you like trying out different dishes that are filled with mouth-watering taste, this is a must-try!


Popular in neighboring countries like Finland and Russia, Kama is your perfect dish for the summer or regular occasions. This convenient-to-bring-anywhere food is a finely milled flour texture. It is made up of various grains that range from wheat, rye, oats, and peas. This popular dish from Estonian can also be incorporated with various other dishes but can also be eaten as is. Perfect as one of your go-to meals, this is also best paired with berries or any add-on that you prefer.


Another type of Estonian dessert, this crowd favorite, is made up of pressed curd cheese coated with chocolate or other flavors. This snack, also considered part of dairy products, is popular amongst children and is accessible anywhere. Definitely everyone’s favorite because of how it is utterly delicious! If you are looking for a must-try dessert in Estonia aside from Marzipan or Kohupiimakreem, this is something that you don’t want to miss.

Vana Tallinn

You don’t want to miss this! This is one of Estonia’s trademark liqueurs. Made from fine and natural ingredients, the liqueur tastes bitter yet addicting. It is filled with different aromas that can stimulate your sense and even make the drink feel addicting. If you find yourself traveling in Estonia, this drink is a must-try too!


This is Estonia’s national dish. The ingredients are usually used to fill in the cleaned pig intestines. Typically, these ingredients are lamb’s blood, chopped onions, salt, pepper, caraway to taste, and barley. Also called the blood sausages, this is one of the perfect meals Estonians eat during the Christmas season. 


Yum, Right?

Estonian Food

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