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It’s great if you wish to visit Ireland, but are you ready to communicate with the staff at the airport? In this blog post, we will discuss the Irish airport vocabulary, which you can use to make yourself easily approachable to the Irish people around you.

Irish Airport Vocabulary

The airport in the Irish language is called Aerfort. Knowing the Irish language or the relevant Irish airport vocabulary would be perfect for any traveler if they are traveling through an airline and want to board and reach their destination safely at any of Ireland’s airports.

Before jumping right into learning the Irish language and words, let’s first learn more about Ireland and its airports.

Irish Airports (Aerfort)

English and Irish (Gaelic) are the official languages of the island of Ireland. English has been the main language and has been spoken in Ireland for generations.

However, Irish is spoken as a first language in a few counties where you won’t be able to find English-fluent people. Then how would you be able to communicate at the airport if you lack Irish culture and fluency and don’t understand a single announcement at the airport in the Irish language?

If you happen to travel to Ireland, the nicest part about landing on Irish soil, though, isn’t only that you’ll be visiting some of the world’s most gorgeous locations. Airports are also worth mentioning. There are ten airports in Ireland.

  • Belfast City Airport (BHD)
  • Belfast International Airport (BFS)
  • Cork Airport (ORK)
  • Derry Airport (LDY)
  • Donegal Airport (CFN)
  • Ireland West Airport Knock (NOC)
  • Kerry Airport (KIR)
  • Shannon Airport (SNN)
  • Waterford Airport (WAT)
  • Dublin Airport (DUB)

Dublin Airport is Ireland’s main airport, connecting Dublin to Great Britain (UK; Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland), continental Europe, the United States, and the Arab World. 

Why Do You Need To Learn Irish Airport Vocabulary?

Assume you’re on your way to the country of Ireland, your dream country, for which you’ve been saving for nearly a decade. You’re almost ready to step into your dream place, but a slight misunderstanding occurred during a security check at the airport. You are not aware of what the Irish airport police are saying in Irish, let alone how to read the context of any sign, and there are no pictures to guide you either.

What are your options now? You’re surrounded by panic and a majority crowd where people speak a language other than your first language. What if your Google Translator or an online Dictionary app provides a different translation for anything you desired, resulting in something less intelligible, or perhaps harsh or inappropriate meaning?

You might want to reverse the time and set the timeframe before visiting and practicing learning some airport-Irish words and phrases. This thought must be the call before you regret it in the future.

Irish Vocab For Airport

You may be accompanied by tour companies on your journey who are there to manage and support your expenses. If you are already on someone else’s turn, then why not pay them back through some respect by learning the host’s language?

Why rumble through the struggles of finding efficient sites and resources, enabling cookies, or getting annoyed by a constant pop-up link of ads or the advertisements irrelevant to your searched data and content, when you can have a quick overview of free Irish airport-related vocabulary in this blog post?

Here is the basic Irish vocabulary related to airports and travel that might help you during airport services and to communicate with the Irish people.

English WordsIrish Translations
A Domestic FlightEitilt Baile
Aisle SeatSuíochán Pasáiste
An International FlightEitilt Idirnáisiúnta
Baggage ClaimÉileamh Bagáiste
Bags Or SuitcasesMálaí Nó Suitcases
Boarding PassPas Bordála
Boarding TimeAm Bordála
Business ClassRang Gnó
Cabin BaggageBagáiste Cábáin
Carry-OnLean Ar Aghaidh
Coach ClassRang Traenálaí
ComplimentarySaor In Aisce
Departure TimeAm Imeachta
Economy ClassRang Geilleagair
Emergency ExitsBealaí Amach Éigeandála
First-ClassAn Chéad Rang
Flight AttendantComhghafach Eitilte
Hand LuggageBagáiste Láimhe
LayoverLeagan Amach
Life VestVeist Saoil
On The PlaneAr An Eitleán
Overhead BinAraid Lasnairde
Overhead CompartmentUrrann Lastuas
Oxygen MaskMasc Ocsaigine
RowAs A Chéile
SeatbeltCrios Sábhála
TakeoffÉirí De Thalamh
Window SeatSuíochán Fuinneoige
WorldwideAr Fud An Domhain

Useful Phrases Regarding Airports

If you are currently at an airport waiting for an aircraft to Ireland, it implies you will not have sufficient time to learn the Irish language. Acquiring even a few basic phrases in the language, on the other hand, will make your travel more enjoyable and bring up opportunities you might not have had otherwise.

So, here is a list of common airport vocabulary, along with an Irish translation.

English PhrasesIrish Translations
Could you tell me where the customs are?An bhféadfá a insint dom cá bhfuil na custaim?
Did you pack this bag yourself?Ar phacáil tú an mála seo tú féin?
Do you have any bags to check?An bhfuil aon mhálaí agat le seiceáil?
Do you have anything to declare?An bhfuil aon rud le dearbhú agat?
Do you have anything to declare?An bhfuil aon rud le dearbhú agat?
Do you know where Terminal B is?An bhfuil a fhios agat cá bhfuil Teirminéal B?
Excuse me, where is baggage claim?Gabh mo leithscéal, cá bhfuil éileamh bagáiste?
Flight (name) has been canceled.Tá an eitilt (ainm) curtha ar ceal.
Flight (name) has been delayed.Tá moill ar eitilt (ainm).
Flight (name) is now boarding.Tá eitilt (ainm) ar bord anois.
Here’s your boarding pass.Seo é do phas bordála.
How do you get to Gate C?Conas a shroicheann tú Geata C?
May I have your passport, please?An féidir do phas a bheith agam, le do thoil?
Place your luggage in the overhead compartments.Cuir do bhagáiste sna urranna lastuas.
Please do not leave any bags unattended.Le do thoil, ná fág málaí ar bith gan duine ina láthair.
Please fasten your seat belt.Le do thoil ceangail do chrios sábhála.
Please put your seat in the upright positionCuir do shuíochán san áit cheart le do thoil
Please turn off electronic devices.Múch gléasanna leictreonacha le do thoil.
There is no smoking on this plane.Níl caitheamh tobac ar bith ar an eitleán seo.
This is the final call for flight TM22 toIs é seo an glao deiridh ar eitilt TM22 go
What is the purpose of your trip?Cad é cuspóir do thurais?
Would passenger Larrason please come to…An dtiocfadh paisinéir Larrason chuig…
Would you like a window seat or an aisle/corridor seat?Ar mhaith leat suíochán fuinneoige nó suíochán pasáiste/conair?
Your flight leaves from gate 20.Fágann d’eitilt ó gheata 20.
Your seat number is 18CIs é 18C uimhir do shuíocháin

Aviation Related Vocab 

If you are worried about your onboard air travel to Ireland, we’ve got your back. Below is the aviation-related vocabulary with a number of words to learn if you might want to learn for your visit to Ireland.

English WordsIrish Translations
Air CorridorDorchla Aeir
Air MissAer Chailleann
AirsideTaobh An Aeir
Air-Traffic ControlRialú Aerthráchta
Approach Or Approach PathCur Chuige Nó Cosán Chuige
Automatic Pilot Or AutopilotPíolótach Uathoibríoch Nó Uathphíolóta
Barrel RollRolla Bairille
Belly LandingTuirlingt Bolg
Bird StrikeStailc Éan
Boarding PassPas Bordála
Charter FlightEitilt Cairtfhostaithe
Contact FlightEitilt Teagmhála
Crash DiveTuairteála Tumadóireacht
CruiseTuras Mara
Flight Management SystemsCórais Bhainistíochta Eitilte
Flight PathCosán Eitilte
GroundspeedLuas Na Talún
Head-Up DisplayTaispeáint Ceann-Suas
Holding PatternPatrún Sealbhaíochta
Immelmann TurnImmelmann Cas
In-FlightSan Eitilt
LandsideTaobh Na Talún
LoadingAg Lódáil
Nose DiveTumadh Srón
OverflyThar Chuil
Pancake LandingTuirlingt Pancóg
Pitch AxisAis Pháirc
Power DiveTumadóireacht Cumhachta
Redeye Or Redeye FlightRedeye Or Redeye Eitilt
Roll AxisAis Rolla
Standard Beam ApproachCur Chuige Caighdeánach Bhíoma
Scheduled FlightEitilt Sceidealta
ShockstallStalla Turrainge
Snap RollRolla Snap
Sonic BoomBorradh Sonic
Sound BarrierBacainn Fuaime
TakeoffÉirí De Thalamh
TrimBaile Átha Troim
Vapour TrailRian Gaile
Victory RollRolla Bua
Yaw AxisAis Yaw

Things You Can Get For Free On An Airplane

Did you know that there are several things that are free on every airplane? Learn about those things if you don’t already know about them and their Irish equivalents! Ask and get your hands on them. Cheers!

English WordsIrish Equivalents
A Cup of Hot WaterCupán uisce te
A Full Water Bottle RefillA Athlíon Buidéal Uisce Iomlán
A Local NewspaperNuachtán Áitiúil
A Pack Of Playing CardsPacáiste Cártaí Imeartha
A Special MealBéile Speisialta
A Tour Of The CockpitTuras Ar An Cockpit
Activity PacketsPacáistí Gníomhaíochta
Basic Medication & BandagesCógas Bunúsach & Bindealáin
Blankets & PillowsBlaincéid & Piliúir
Delicious Adult DrinksDeochanna Delicious Aosaigh
Extra Helpings of SnacksCúnamh Breise Sneaiceanna
Free Child CareCúram Leanaí saor in aisce,
Grooming KitsFeisteáin Grúmaeireachta
Hand Sanitizer & Sanitizing WipesSanitizer Hand & Sláintíocht Wipes
Non-alcoholic DrinksDeochanna Neamhalcólacha
PostcardsCártaí poist
Snacks For In Between MealsSneaiceanna I Idir Béilí

Wrapping Up

You’ve probably figured out why practicing Irish is so essential before your trip to Ireland. If you understand even a few Irish words, it will come in handy when you meet Irish natives and residents on your next overseas trip. Only a few words can assist in reducing or even alleviating any tension, and you’ll also be able to meet new friends during your journey. If you are eager to We also have other blog posts like Irish Phrases For Emergencies and clothes in Irish.

Happy Learning!

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