10+ Easy Estonian Phrases: Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re already done with familiarizing yourself with the common Estonian words and facts about this amazing language, then this post is for you! In this article, you will learn about basic Estonian phrases that can help you fully understand and speak the language.

Aside from widening your vocabulary, it is also vital to integrate these words and use them in phrases to practice yourself. If you are ready for that, let’s get started!


The Estonian Language

Planning to travel to Estonia? Let’s first dive deep into the details relating to their national language.

This is a Finnic language and is written using Latin script. Estonian is closely similar to Finnish, even if these languages have grown apart through the years. Thus, this is considered one of the most complicated languages that an English speaker can learn.

Even if this is the case, many people are interested in learning about Estonia’s official language because it is fun, especially the expressions and pronunciation sounds. This language has seven dialects and is also scattered in Russia! Cool, right?

To speak Estonian and fully understand the Estonian language, one must also fully grasp its origin and how it is used to go about. Knowing how Estonians use their language, formalities and tenses is a must. Interestingly, most words and phrases are heavily influenced by German too!

Transitioning from speaking English to Estonian can come off as a challenge, but worry not! We will take this step by step, starting with the phrases.

You cannot fluently write, translate, polish your Estonian grammar, or properly hear what the locals say without a solid foundation. In order to do this, let’s learn Estonian phrases! Read on to find out.


Estonia’s Culture

In Estonia, people are known to be courteous. For this reason, you shouldn’t be scared of introducing yourself and speaking with the locals. When speaking to the locals, not only do they appreciate a warm and correct greeting, but they also appreciate it when one is formal and polite with their words.

Fun fact: People from Estonia find it rude when one speaks too loudly. They prefer it when people talk calmly and talk less!


Basic Estonian Phrases

Whether it is to say good evening, goodbye, ask if they are doing fine, or just speak to someone Estonian, knowing what to say is crucial. They are known to be very polite and very reserved. Therefore, being able to converse with them without saying something rude or wrong is one thing they appreciate.

Estonian Phrases

Here are some basic Estonian phrases to strengthen your vocabulary:

Tere õhtustGood evening
Tere hommikustGood morning
Tere päevastGood afternoon
Head aegaGoodbye
Head öödGoodnight
Ilusat päeva!Have a nice day!
Ma olenI am…
Tänan teidThank you
Minu nimi onMy name is
Ma armastan sindI love you
Ma igatsen sindI miss you
Mis su nimi on?What is your name? (Informal)
Mis teie nimi on?What is your name? (Formal)
Meeldiv tutvuda!Pleased to meet you!
Kuidas läheb?How are you?
Ma saan aruI understand
Ma ei saa aruI don’t understand
Ma ei teaI don’t know
Ma olen eksinudI am lost
Kui palju?How much?
VabandaExcuse me (Informal)
VabandageExcuse me (Formal)
Pole VigaNo problem

These are just some of the phrases that can help you when you want to strengthen your vocabulary or learn something from the culture of Estonia.

At first, the words may seem tricky, and you would just like to stick with speaking English, but don’t let this intimidate you! Start with a simple word or search for a specific phrase daily, and before you know it, you have already learned a new language!


Introducing Yourself In Estonian

Are you interested in introducing yourself to Estonian? Here’s a quick way how!

“Tere hommikust! Minu nimi on [Your name] Meeldiv tutvuda.”

In English, this is means “Good morning! My name is [Your name]. Pleased to meet you.”

Easy, right? Although there are many ways how and a few things that need to be considered, knowing the basics is key! It will allow you, your mind, and your tongue to get used to it until you are fluent with it!

Remember, upon introducing yourself in Estonian, maintaining eye contact is essential. Moreover, offering a handshake and a warm smile is heavily appreciated too!


Keep This In Mind!

When you travel to Estonia or talk to an Estonian friend, these are some basic phrases that you can use to communicate well with them. Always remember that speaking English and speaking Estonian are two different things.

Every language is different. So, when you try to speak, use a certain word, search for something on Google for translation, it doesn’t necessarily translate it directly.


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