Words To The Irish National Anthem+ 4 Interesting Facts

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Is there a more stirring experience than listening to your country’s national anthem? Here we go; let’s take a closer look at the words to the Irish national anthem as well as some history relating to it.

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Irish Lyrics To The Irish National Anthem In English

We’ll start with what the words would be in English (although it’s probably best not to sing them in English around any Irish people)

The Soldier’s Song

Soldiers are we,

whose lives are pledged to Ireland,

Some have come

from a land beyond the wave,

Sworn to be free,

no more our ancient sireland,

Shall shelter the despot or the slave.

Tonight we man the bearna bhaoil,

In Erin’s cause, come woe or weal,

‘Mid cannons’ roar and rifles’ peal,

We’ll chant a soldier’s song.

Words To The Irish National Anthem In Irish

Amhrán na bhFiann

Sinne Fianna Fáil,

atá faoi gheall ag Éirinn,

Buíon dár slua

thar toinn do ráinig chugainn,

Faoi mhóid bheith saor

Seantír ár sinsear feasta,

Ní fhágfar faoin tíorán ná faoin tráill.

Anocht a théam sa bhearna bhaoil,

Le gean ar Ghaeil, chun báis nó saoil,

Le gunna-scréach faoi lámhach na bpiléar,

Seo libh canaig’ amhrán na bhFiann.

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The Debate Around The Irish National Anthem

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that the Republic of Ireland has had a fraught history, both in its relationship with England and its neighbor Northern Ireland.

The main objection to the national anthem is the militaristic undertone of the song. After all, it is called the Soldiers Song. Although it is still the Irish national anthem, many people choose not to sing it at sporting events, and members of all political parties support a campaign to have it changed.

Who Wrote The Irish National Anthem?

Peadar Kearney and Patrick Heeney wrote the Irish national anthem. Interestingly, the original version was written in English (1912). The anthem coincided with the Easter uprising and the protests against British rule, and many soldiers adopted it, which is why some people still call it an Irish rebel song.

When Was The Irish National Anthem Adopted?

After the Irish free state was created, an official national anthem was needed. In 1924 an Irish newspaper in Dublin launched a competition to find a winner, but the result was inconclusive as many songs were too close to the British anthem God Save The King. After this ‘debacle,’ as some commentators called it, the executive council of the government adopted the anthem in 1926 with little fanfare. The anthem was first heard en masse at that year’s Dublin horse show, along with raising the Irish tricolor, a relatively new invention.

What Parts Of The Soldier’s Song Are Sung?

Only the chorus as listed above. There are verses, but not many people in Ireland could tell you what they actually are.

When Did The Irish Version Of The National Anthem Take Over?

As mentioned earlier, the original song was written with English lyrics, and it was a slow, creeping process for the song to morph into being sung in Irish. The first translation was published in 1923 in the Free State Army Magazine. Although the scholarship is still sketchy on this, it’s believed that the frequent use of the Irish version during the 1930s at Gaelic Athletics Association events saw the Irish version of the song slide into the mainstream consciousness.

The truth is the history of Ireland is so politically explosive that no government actually wants to adopt official words and even address the controversy around certain lyrics like ‘laochra fáil’ or ‘fianna fáil.’

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Phrases Related To Politics And Patriotism In Irish

Do both political parties like the national anthem?An maith leis an dá pháirtí polaitíochta an amhrán náisiúnta?
Does England have the same national anthem as Ireland?An bhfuil an amhrán náisiúnta céanna ag Sasana agus atá ag Éirinn?
Does Amhrán na bhFiann make you feel emotional?An gcuireann Amhrán na bhFiann mothúchánach ort?
How old is the national anthem of Ireland?Cén aois é amhrán náisiúnta na hÉireann?
Is the national anthem of Ireland controversial?An bhfuil amhrán náisiúnta na hÉireann conspóideach?
What Are The Lyrics To The National Anthem?Cad É Na Lyrics Don Amhrán Náisiúnta?
When was the Irish national anthem written?Cathain a scríobhadh amhrán náisiúnta na hÉireann?
Who wrote the Irish national anthem?Cé a scríobh amhrán náisiúnta na hÉireann?
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