80+ Best Irish Vocabulary For Restaurants You Must Know Now

If you’ve not tried the Irish stew or the mouth-watering champ, then you need to! Ireland is known for its popular cuisines, and they are definitely worth a try. If you are traveling to Ireland soon and eating Ireland’s popular local dishes is on your list. You need to know some Irish vocabulary for restaurants because not everyone in Ireland can speak English or any other language. Besides, where is the fun when you can’t communicate with the locals in their native language, which is the Irish language?

In this article, we will go over some popular Irish restaurant phrases and words that you should know. Not just that, at the end of the article, we will explore some great Irish delicacies you should try out on your next visit to Ireland. I hope you won’t get hungry at the end. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Irish Vocabulary For Restaurant: Words To Know

irish vocabulary for restaurant; people eating

We will be starting with the famous restaurant words you should know in the Irish language. You may want to order a bottle of beer, mineral water, or a cup of tea. Knowing the Irish words for these foods and drinks can make ordering food more accessible. So, let’s explore.

BreadArán (ah-rawn)
Mineral waterUisce mianraí
fixed price mealBéile le luach seasta
à la carteà la carte


Irish Vocabulary For Restaurant: Phrases To Know

waiter attending to customers in a restaurant

Now that we’ve covered the common Irish restaurant/food words. Let’s take a look at the common Irish phrases that you can use in restaurants to order, make your preferences known, and ask for bills.

Can I look at the menu, please?An féidir liom a féachaint ar an bhiachlár, le do thoil?
A table for two people, pleaseBord do duine beirt, le do thoil
Excuse me, waiterGabh mo leischeal, a fhreastalaí?
May I have a glass/bottle of….?An mbeidh gloine/ buidéal ….. agam?
Please take this backTóg seo ar ais le do thoil.
I want ……Atá uaim….
Can you make it lite, please?Le níos lú saill, le do thoil?
What is the name of this dish?Dè an t-ainm a tha air a’ mhias seo?
What do you recommend?Dè moileadh sibh?
It is deliciousTha e glè bhlàsta!
I don’t eat porkNí ithim muiceoil
I don’t eat beefNí ithim mairteola
Extra platePláta breise
I am finishedTáim críochnaithe.
Give me the bill, pleaseTobhair Dom an bille, le do thoil.
What is the best-seller here?An bhfuil speisialtacht an tí?
I’d like a bearBa mhaith liom beoir

Best Irish Cuisine You Have To Try!

Ireland is known for its cuisines that are rich in fresh food and sea foods. Bread, fish, and potatoes are integral ingredients in most Irish dishes, giving them this unique flavor when combined with other Irish spices. Here are some great dishes you must try on your next visit to Ireland. Let’s look at these mouth-watering dishes in no particular order.

Irish Stew

irish stew

Nothing warms the heart better than a local traditional stew. The Irish stew consists of basic ingredients that can be found in any garden, making it one of the easiest and most enjoyable stews in Irish. Some ingredients you need are potatoes, onions, beef, carrot, and so much more. Imagine taking a hot, tasty Irish stew during winter! How heavenly! When combined with the right spice, Irish stew can make your day.

Colcannon And Champ

Colcannon and Champ

As you may have guessed, potatoes are a major ingredient in this dish as well. It consists of mashed potatoes mixed with some cabbage, scallion, and any other ingredient that will bring it out of taste. When combined with some bacon, your tastebud will undoubtedly dance. Colcannon and champ is a must-try cuisine when next you travel to Ireland.

Irish Soda Bread

irish soda bread

There is a good reason why Irish Soda bread is popular in Ireland! This yeastless bread is so delicious that you will want to return for more. It is even more interesting because it is flexible enough to try other ingredient combinations to give you that unique, signature Soda bread. If you want that heavenly taste, combine it with some melted butter! Oh my!

Final Thoughts

Whew! What a ride! We’ve looked at the popular Irish restaurant vocabulary, found ways to order in Irish, and made your preferences known. We’ve also explored some of the delicious Ireland food to try out. I know you were able to learn some basic restaurant phrases and add a food to your list of the foods you want to try out in Ireland. You should also know the Irish culture, transportation vocabulary, and some question words. However, it doesn’t stop there. There are many things to learn in the Irish language, and if you are interested in taking your learning further. Then check out the Ling App.

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learn irish with ling

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