Fruit Names In Irish: 15+ Fantastic Phrases And Vocabulary

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Have you always wondered how to say fruit names in Irish? A little obscure, perhaps, but there’s got to be someone out there!? Have no fear; our list today covers everything you need to know about Irish fruits and provides useful information about what fruits are popular in the Emerald Isle. Note there will be vocabulary lists as well as helpful phrases.

So what is the essential fruit to know? It has to be apple, which in Irish is Úll. Here are a couple of other valuable things to know ‘fruit’ is Torthaí, and ‘Tree’ is Crann.

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Fruit Names In Irish

You don’t have to be rich to eat these fruits! It’s nature’s bounty! Whether eaten raw or cooked in a traditional pie, these fruits will brighten your day

BlackberrySméar dubh
CoconutCnó cócó
RaspberrySú craobh
StrawberrySú talún
WatermelonUisce beatha

Fruit Picking – A Fun Day Out

Often when I go for a walk, I feel a little short-changed. Of course, it’s satisfying to be in the great outdoors, but walking alone doesn’t really feel like I’ve accomplished much. This changed the first time I went fruit-picking.

You go to a farm (in Ireland, it’s usually strawberries), they give you a bucket, and you walk around and pick your own fruit. In the end, you weigh the fruit and pay for what you picked. Needless to say, it’s much cheaper than going to a supermarket, plus you know it’s super fresh because you literally picked it yourself!

It’s super fun and a great activity for kids who like to get their shoes muddy.

Fruit Names In Irish - strawberries

Phrases In Irish Related To Fruit

Vocabulary is all well and good, but nothing compares to speaking full phrases in Gaelic

Apples come into bloom in autumnTagann úlla faoi bhláth san fhómhar
Can we go fruit picking near here?An féidir linn dul ag piocadh torthaí in aice leis seo?
Do you like sweet or sour fruits?An maith leat torthaí milis nó géar?
Eating fruit is healthyTá sé sláintiúil torthaí a ithe
Five fruits a day keeps the doctor awayCoinníonn cúig torthaí in aghaidh an lae an dochtúir ar shiúl
Is there some sugar to have with this?An bhfuil roinnt siúcra le bheith agat leis seo?
What’s your favorite fruit?Cad é an toradh is fearr leat?
When is the fruit-picking season?Cathain a bhíonn an séasúr piocadh torthaí?
Where is the nearest orchard?Cá bhfuil an úllord is gaire?
fruit names in Irish - mixed fruit

Farming In Ireland – An Overview

Farming fruit is just one small part of Ireland’s overall agricultural economy. The vast majority is made up of other parts related to food production.

As you’d expect from a country nicknamed the emerald isle, the land in Ireland is extremely fertile and perfect for a wide variety of crops. This is because of a combination of factors, including the temperate climate and abundant rainwater(you don’t need to be told about the rainwater if you’ve ever taken a vacation in Dublin).

So what is Ireland’s number crop? The answer is ryegrass. This may sound a little confusing at first because I, for one, have never eaten ryegrass; however, ryegrass isn’t for humans; it’s what feeds the vast multitudes of Ireland’s cows. It’s worth saying that farming livestock in Ireland goes back a long way, with estimates of 3000 BC!

Beef and milk production account for 66% of agricultural output for a total export price of £12billion. Ireland is, in fact, the largest beef exporter in Europe. It’s funny to think that Irish people only eat 10% of the beef reared in their country. Agriculture in Ireland accounts for 7.4% of national employment and a large section of GDP.

There are a massive number of farms in Ireland, with estimates at around 150,000 with an average of about 80 acres- it needs to be said that some of these operations are very small, though.

How Much Fruit Should You Actually Eat In A Day?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ but it always sounded quite old-timey to me, harking back to a point when the only fruits we could get hold of were apples. So what does modern science say about fruit consumption?

The minimum recommended intake is one and a half cups of fruit per day, which equates to about 25% of your overall diet. Although eating massive amounts of fruit can make your blood sugar dangerously high, it’s very difficult for a person to overeat fruit, especially if you vary the fruits you eat. The sugar found in fruits is nowhere near as dangerous as sugar added to sodas.

So what about fruit juice? This is something good in smaller doses. The reason naturally occurring sugars in fruit aren’t damaging is because the fiber of the fruit absorbs it and reduces blood sugar spikes; the same is not true of pulped juice.

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So there you have it. Did you get what you came for? Do you now know what the fruits in Irish are called?

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Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

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