Your #1 Proven List On Christmas Greetings In Estonian!

Ready to have a very Merry Christmas? These Christmas greetings in Estonian will surely make it more special! Though there are various ways to greet someone on Christmas day, we have made an easy list to make everything easier for you! With these phrases, you will surely be able to send your good wishes to family and friends during this special time.

Along with that, we have also included the Estonian Christmas meals that you definitely should try in case you find yourself visiting the beautiful land of Estonia during the Christmas season. Aside from how these meals and traditions make the occasion more special and dear to you, it will surely show you the side of Estonia that you will be excited to experience. Ready for the best Christmas day ever? Read on because we have a lot in store for you!

Make Your Christmas Time In Estonia More Special With These Greetings!

Struggling to come up with greetings that are more personalized and will make them feel more special? We feel you! Because of that, we have made this guide so that you won’t have that much of a hard time greeting your Estonian family and friends. Though there are a lot of ways you can go about greeting someone during this season of love, this list will make it a hundred times more exceptional.

 Christmas Greetings In Estonian
A merry and joyous Christmas time to you and your family, may you have a good one!Mõnusat ja rõõmsat jõuluaega teile ja teie perele, olgu teil hea jõuluaeg!
Happy holidays! May you be filled with laughter, love, and joy.Häid pühi! Olgu teid täis naeru, armastust ja rõõmu.
Happy Santa season! I hope that you have a good oneHead jõuluvana hooaega! Loodan, et teil on hea
In this season of love, peace, and joy, I am sending my warmest greetings to you!Sel armastuse, rahu ja rõõmu hooajal saadan teile kõige soojemad tervitused!
May your Christmas be filled with love and fun. Merry Christmas!Olgu teie jõulud täis armastust ja rõõmu. Häid jõule!
May you have a wonderful reason to celebrate this love-filled season, Merry Christmas to you!Olgu teil imeline põhjus seda armastust täis hooaega tähistada, häid jõule teile!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May you achieve all of your hearts desires and wishes!Häid jõule ja head uut aastat! Saavutage kõik oma südamesoovid ja -soovid!
Wishing you a memorable Christmas day and an awesome New Year!Meeldejäävat jõulupüha ja vinget aastavahetust soovides!
With abundance and joy, may this Christmas season give you hope and love for all the seasons ahead!Külluse ja rõõmuga, andku see jõuluaeg teile lootust ja armastust kõikideks eelseisvateks aastaaegadeks!

Planning An Estonian Christmas Dinner? These Dishes Should Be Present!

Of course, greeting your Estonian friends during this holiday season won’t be enough. There will be tons of ways to celebrate with them.

For you to have the complete package of what an Estonian Christmas celebration might look like, besides the festivities and decorations that fill up your houses, adding these dishes will surely complete it!

Blood Sausage

Served often during the winter season, Blood Sausage is a traditional Estonian meal during Christmas time. Though the ingredients of this meal might not be for all, because it is made up of pig’s blood and ingredients like marjoram as well as allspice, it has been a part of their tradition ever since.

 Christmas Greetings In Estonian

That said, if you wish to spend your holiday in Estonia or just prepare an Estonian Christmas dinner, the country’s national dish should be one of the very many dishes that you should include and try!


Another crowd-favorite and an Estonian staple, this is also a must-try during the Christmas season. Known to many as fermented cabbage, you will surely be able to serve these along with the other Estonian dishes!

 Christmas Greetings In Estonian

And because this dish has existed even during ancient times and is really everyone’s favorite, it has become one of the meals of the country that is always served during Christmas time!

Ginger Bread

What’s a Christmas celebration without the gingerbread, right? Commonly referred to as Piparkoogid in the country, this is also a common dish that is served during the winter season.

 Christmas Greetings In Estonian

Aside from how kids love to eat treats like these, it can also be a great way to bond with your friends and family especially you make these together!

Wrapping Up!

With no doubt, Christmas has always been a season that a lot of people look forward to. Whether you anticipate it because you want to spend time with your family or party with your friends, this occasion has always been the event of the year. That said, regardless of how you choose to spend it, may these greetings like how are you in Estonian, make your own Christmas time something that you can remember and help you send your good wishes to friends as well as family.

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